Expo 2020 Dubai: 13 jaw-dropping innovations showcased at the world fair

From 3D printed food to water from air and compressed-air train, the mega-event was packed with next-gen technology


Anjana Sankar

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Published: Thu 31 Mar 2022, 9:04 PM

Last updated: Thu 31 Mar 2022, 11:05 PM

The best of human ingenuity and creativity was showcased at Expo 2020 Dubai during the last six months. During the last six months, the 190 plus participating countries displayed their best technological innovations and engineering. These displays are expected to leave a lasting impact on the way the world will tackle some of the pressing global challenges like climate change, environmental degradation, water scarcity, digital access, universal education, eradication of poverty and universal health, to mention a few.

We are talking about 3D printed food, water from the air, compressed-air trains; Expo 2020 was packed with next-generation technology.

Here are some of the top innovations that was showcased at Expo 2020.

World's biggest 360-degree projection dome


Expo 2020's spectacular centrepiece and gathering ground for celebration is Al Wasl Dome. The 'beating heart of Expo' as it is known, is a tech masterpiece in animation and display. Situated at the heart of Expo's three thematic districts, Al Wasl Plaza's dome that is 67.5 m tall, and weighs a total of 2,544 tonnes is tall enough to fit the Leaning Tower of Pisa beneath it. The dome of the Plaza is

The 360-degree projection screen, the biggest in the world with more than 250 state-of-the-art projectors, offers visitors an immersive experience.

World's largest passenger lift

The Mobility pavilion at Expo showcased the world's largest passenger lift, which can transport more than 160 people at a time. The pavilion challenges our imagination and inspires visitors to imagine the future of mobility. The pavilion also features a partly underground, partly open-air 330m track to demonstrate cutting-edge mobility devices in action.

E-trees that can produce energy and water

Terra – the Sustainability Pavilion offers some cutting-edge innovations in sustainability. The 4,912 solar panels on its 130-metre canopy can produce enough electricity to charge more than 900,000 mobile phones.

Compressed air train

The Expo Explorer deployed on the Expo site to take visitors on a sightseeing tour is the world's first compressed-air train. The Expo Explorer train runs on compressed air, and the technology is used for the first time in the world.

Robots that help you navigate

One of the biggest attractions of Expo 2020 was the 150 plus robots that moved around the site interacting with the visitors. From greeting visitors, helping them navigate the site to delivering food and beverages, the robots showed how AI and machine powered humanoids can rule the world in future.

Print your food

The Lithuania Pavilion showcased BITES in action, a 3D printer designed for real-time printing of snacks. These are naturally high biological value snacks containing just three ingredients: a freeze-dried product (or a mix of several), cocoa butter, and pea protein isolate.

Rainforest in the desert

The Singapore pavilion is a rainforest in the desert. The net-zero energy pavilion that has grown into a vertical garden gives you a glimpse into sustainability lessons.

Data Clouds

Estonia, one of the world's first e-governments, showcased the country's cutting-edge tech innovations in its pavilion. The illuminated data clouds based on the country's X-Road online infrastructure and a futuristic model of e-classrooms were the top attractions that inspired the audience to imagine a digital society.

E-bike that can travel 380 kms

In an era where sustainable transportation modes are a top priority for countries, the Ukraine pavilion showcased an e-bike that can travel 380 kilometres on a single charge. A 3D printer for ceramics and solar blinds capable of generating electricity are innovations on display.

Waterfall that defies gravity

One of the biggest wonders of Expo 2020 is the gravity-defying waterfall. The 14-metre-high walls of the spectacular 'Surreal' waterfall that combines water, light and fire show reverses at night, producing a gravity-defying spectacle.

Solar-powered home

The DEWA Pavilion, which is designed as a futuristic home powered by solar power and with a temperature-buffering entryway, showcases innovations such as a drone-delivery hatch and a weight-measuring bathroom floor.

AI-powered poems

The UK pavilion uses advanced machine learning algorithms to transform visitors' thoughts into collective poems. They can be read in illuminating displays on the façade of the pavilion.

Indoor rainfall

Netherlands Pavilion crated an indoor rainfall thanks to technology SunGlacier, which produces water from air via solar power to irrigate crops. The pavilion is an ecosystem in itself and is a living display of a circular economy by combining water, energy and food.


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