UAE: 9 kinds of people you may meet during desert drives

If you choose to join the KT Desert Drive convoy in Ras Al Khaimah this weekend, here’s a list of personality types that you may identify

By George Kuruvilla

Published: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 4:32 PM

Last updated: Thu 24 Nov 2022, 6:01 PM

Humankind is made up of over 7 billion individuals, each a little different from the other. Yet, every time you meet a bunch in the office, at a party, or when you go off-roading, you notice that most of them fit a certain personality type — knowingly or unknowingly.

So, the next time you go dune-bashing with a private club, or better still, if you choose to join the KT Desert Drive convoy in Ras Al Khaimah this weekend, here’s a list of personality types that you may identify:

The Leader

He is the one who often organizes these adventure trips. He’s probably doing the route for the 100th time and knows the dunes (or trails) like the back of his hand. He’s efficient and maintains a pace that keeps the adrenaline on a high, while “pulling over” occasionally to check on his companions.

The Gadget Guy

This is the lad that comes prepared. He’s got every accessory in the catalogue and isn’t shy to whip them out at any given opportunity. He’s probably also got everything organized in alphabetical order or compartments at the very least.

The Family Guy

He loves his family of 2, 3, 4, or 5 and takes them wherever he goes. He also gets each of them involved in every activity, be it raising the tent or the act of sharing grub with fellow travellers. He may be late joining the party and may not be great at taking instruction, but that’s just because he has his hands full, quite understandably.

The Shotgun Fellow

He’s always a driver’s mate, never a driver. He probably doesn’t own an SUV (maybe just a family sedan) and seldom drives off-road, but he makes it to all the off-road events, week after week and year after year. He may also be the type that is ready to help or one that doesn’t want to get his shoes dirty.


The Stuntman

He always seems to take it too far, either straying from the group, attempting steep perilous climbs, or trying to catch some big air for thrill’s sake. Splashing a little sand around in rear-wheel drive mode is him saying “Look at me!”

The Tailender

Unlike a pack of wolves which has its leader watching over the rest from the rear, this guy isn’t that. He will most likely follow the tail end of the group…and sometimes would be unable to keep up because of his miserly use of the throttle or the fear of toppling over even on the gentlest of slopes. He may also require some assistance, more often than others, to tow his SUV out of the sands.

The Designated BBQ Guy

Most bring food and beverages along, sometimes homemade and sometimes store-bought. But almost every time, it is that one guy or a bunch of guys that take care of setting up the BBQ grille and churning out delicious, albeit semi-cooked, hotdogs, burgers, etc.

The Lone Ranger

You probably won’t see him respond to 4x4 club chats. You will neither see him at the starting point nor at the finishing point. But you will most certainly meet him somewhere along the route, at one of the popular spots or checkpoints where you may exchange pleasantries. His choosing to steer alone is an indication of supreme confidence or the opposite of that.

The Fresh Face

The newbie in the group that shows up one weekend unexpectedly. He is usually a friend of a friend or a cousin of a cousin, who thinks one session of sun and sand is one too many and retracts to the comfort of his home, never to be seen again.

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