Woman horrified to discover anyone can access smartphone with cheap screen protector

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The company is investigating her discovery.

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Published: Wed 16 Oct 2019, 10:55 AM

Last updated: Wed 16 Oct 2019, 1:06 PM

The fortified smartphones with rigid security feature - finger print scanner can be easily sneaked into with a cheap screen protector that allows access to anyone.
A woman from Castleford, West Yorkshire, discovered a £2.70 screen protector she bought on eBay gives access to anyone to get into her Samsung Galaxy S10. Lisa Neilson, 34, attached the cheap screen protector to her smartphone and was shocked to discover the thumb print used to access the phone could be unlocked by anyone.

According to reports in The Sun, Neilson first set up the fingerprint scanner using her right thumb but found the smartphone unlocked even with her left thumb. Suspecting a dangerous security breach, Neilson then asked her husband Wes, 34, to try to unlock her phone and surprisingly he could also get into the device.

"Anyone can access it and could get into the financial apps and transfer funds. This means that if anyone got hold of my phone they can access it. It's a real concern," Neilson said.

Neilson got in touch with Samsung assuming it was a fault with her device. "We called Samsung because we thought there was a fault with the phone. The man in customer services took control of the phone remotely and went into all the settings and finally admitted it looked like a security breach," Neilson added.
Following the issue, a Samsung spokesman said, "We're investigating this internally. We recommend all customers to use Samsung authorised accessories, specifically designed for Samsung products."
While in a report in Forbes, Samsung Galaxy S10 users are being warned about a serious potential "security breach" after it emerged that the S10's in-display reader makes it difficult for the screen protectors to operate effectively. This means, whenever a screen protector is attached to the phone, the adhesive in the protector keeps a thin gap between the display which prevents fingerprint scanners to get an accurate reading, Forbes report added.

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