Video: Man duct-taped to flying helicopter in social media stunt; pilot suspended

Moscow - The stunt was orchestrated by notorious 21-year-old Internet star Mikhail Litvin.

By Web report

Published: Sun 6 Jun 2021, 6:55 PM

Last updated: Sun 6 Jun 2021, 6:56 PM

In a shocking video, a Russian man was seen duct-taped to the bottom of a helicopter and flown above an airfield.

According to Metro UK, the man is ‘Zheka’ Namitov, 25, a friend of Mikhail Litvin, a notorious 21-year-old Internet star in Russia who orchestrated the stunt.

Although there appears to be some extra support around Namitov’s midriff in the video, the rest of his body is secured to the helicopter’s fuselage by nothing more than what appears to be duct tape. He later claimed that there were additional hidden safety measures.

Litvin can be heard egging Namitov on in the reckless stunt, saying, “Go on, brother… we live only once and need to remember this moment.”

The pilot, 31-year-old ex-military airman Alexander Nazarov, is being probed by the Russian Investigative Committee and has had his flying licence suspended.


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A statement read: "The pilot, acting on the instructions of the blogger, allowed the participants in the video to attach the man to the lower part of the helicopter fuselage with adhesive tape."

The statement added that he flew in a way that did not meet safety requirements, and put the life and health of a person in danger.

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