Video: American stunt rider backflip between two barges

Video: American stunt rider backflip between two barges

London - Daredevilry on River Thames

By Web Report

Published: Mon 9 Oct 2017, 1:23 PM

Last updated: Mon 9 Oct 2017, 3:28 PM

It was a death-defying moment that left onlookers agape and awestruck. And at the heart of it all was none other than American stunt rider Travis Pastrana.
Pastrana successfully landed the first barge-to-barge motorcycle backflip, floating unmoored in the water. In doing so, he added another 'world's first' to his resume. The incredible spectacle was held on the River Thames in London in front of the legendary O2 Arena.
A video shows the ease with which the daredevil cleared the 75-foot gap. Pastrana put his skills to the test as part of the launch of Nitro Circus' UK and European tour, NDTV reports.
Organisers say he pulled off the stunt on Thursday, while battling high winds and rain to launch himself from one barge to another on the River Thames.
"I definitely couldn't breathe while he was doing it. It was so incredibly windy I thought even I'd blow into the Thames," tweeted one person who witnessed the stunt as it happened. "He makes it look so easy," tweeted another.
"Landing such a massive trick like this is incredible. Then to do it in such an awesome location, in such an iconic city, makes it even more special," said Pastrana.
But what makes the global icon keep pushing his limits?

"Living means taking risks," Pastrana explained. "If you have a goal you want to reach or something you want to achieve, first you have to be willing to push it, get outside of your comfort zone and then totally send it."

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