This school has cancelled holidays forever

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Instead, parents can take their children away for up to six weeks whenever they want.

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Published: Fri 4 Oct 2019, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 6 Oct 2019, 12:49 PM

Going against the conventional education system which focuses on term times, a headmistress in England launched a school which is open all year round.
According to Daily Mail, Shrewsbury Prepatoria is the first school in England to scrap term times and was launched by headmistress Jane Smalley last September. Jane noticed that while other schools have term holidays, parents cannot take 13 weeks' leave from their jobs to take care of their children. She came up with the school that is open all year round so parents do not have to shell out on daycare facilities.
Instead, parents can take their children away for up to six weeks whenever they want. "It's a no brainer. Why shouldn't we have schools that meet the needs of families?" Jane argued. The mother-of-four quit her job as a reception teacher and sold a holiday villa in Turkey to launch her school as a nursery in 2013.
The headmistress clarifies that she came up with the idea 'by accident', when Department for Education told her that schools do not need specific term times as long as children have the minimum requirement of 190 days a year that constitutes full-time education. Her school, although independent, charges 6,540 British pounds a year towards fees.
But Jane justifies that with 'no holiday school' parents can save around half that money by avoiding compulsory vacations, flights, hotels or childcare. Also children benefit from a slower pace more focused on play and no homework.
Jane adopted the Reggio Emilia approach, an Italian educational philosophy that favours experimental, child-centered learning. The school has just 11 pupils aged four to six in Reception and Year 1 and looks more like a home than an educational hub. Wondering if teachers would take up jobs at her school, Jane said they are paid pro rata according to the extra weeks they work.
Last October when Shrewsbury Prepatoria was rated Outstanding by Ofsted. "Being open all year long, and seeing the impact on the children, I think - why isn't this being offered to every family?" the headmistress said.

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