KT tries mushroom cream soup - in a tube

KT tries mushroom cream soup - in a tube

Moscow - It's the kind of food astronauts eat while on the International Space Station (ISS).

By Sarwat Nasir

Published: Wed 4 Sep 2019, 11:34 PM

Last updated: Thu 5 Sep 2019, 1:38 AM

Mushroom cream soup and banana parfait sound appetising when you read them from a restaurant menu. But when they've been liquefied and put into hard plastic tubes, you might finally decide to go on that diet you've been promising on doing.
It's the kind of food astronauts eat while on the International Space Station (ISS).
They are more popularly known as 'space food'.
I've been in Russia for the past few days to interview the UAE's first astronaut before he goes on his trip to the ISS. While I'd love to try traditional Russian food, I felt it was more fitting to consume what men and women in space eat.
So, instead of ordering Russian dumplings, I went to a space museum and purchased space food, mushroom cream soup and banana parfait. Why these two items? They're some of my favourite dishes - when they've been prepared for regular people, at least.
First up was the mushroom cream soup.
Traditionally, the contents of the soup includes cream or milk with mushrooms or mushroom broth. But when I took the cap off the tube and squeezed the body, out came a thick, dark brown liquid with a strong mushroom smell. Very different from the regular one and already seemed very nauseating.
"Reminded me of my kid's diapers! Yuck! How do these guys do it?" said one of my colleagues after I sent him a photo of it.
The moment the content fell onto my tongue, I was already desperately reaching out for my water bottle.
The strong flavour of the mushroom was definitely present, but it's the disgusting texture and temperature that make you want to spit it out. My first impression? Definitely, not for your average person on the ground.
The banana parfait was worse.
There was a strange clear liquid oozing out of it, and the texture reminded me of when my niece was throwing up oatmeal.
You can easily figure out that it's a banana flavour if you don't read the label, but it tasted years-old.
So, I officially have more respect for astronauts in space. If there is one thing I can't compromise on, it's good food.
The UAE astronaut has been given halal food, but even that has been liquefied.
I hope these food scientists don't ruin biryani for me by putting it into a tube.

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