Fly from Dubai to Europe within Dh1,000

Fly from Dubai to Europe within Dh1,000

Dubai - This is a limited time offer from flydubai, so book your tickets now.

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Published: Sat 5 Nov 2016, 4:18 PM

Last updated: Sat 5 Nov 2016, 7:08 PM

Planning to travel to Europe on a budget without the hassle of getting a tour package, then flydubai's latest offer will interest you.
Dubai-based budget carrier flydubai has launched a new offer on Economy and Business class - with up to 40% off on fares - starting from as low as Dh440!
Here are some of the best deals on Europe, where you pay under Dh1,000 for a return ticket on select European destinations:


Travel to the capital city of the Czech Republic, a magical city of cathedrals, courtyards and culture that's over ten centuries old - and find out for yourself why Prague is one of Central Europe's most popular destinations.
Fare: Dh841


The historical capital of Turkey and Europe, immerse yourself in the rich history of the country and discover one of the most captivating metropolises in the world.
Fare: Dh750


One of the oldest cities in Europe, Sofia is a city of abundant character and charm.
Flydubai suggest that when you're there, check out the spectacular Roman amphitheatre, which still hosts special open-air events and concerts.
Fare: Dh624
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Known as the Paris of East, Bucharest boasts wide, tree-lined boulevards, monumental buildings and a vibrant historical quarter that's well worth discovering.
Fare: Dh652


The capital of Serbia is famous for it's nightlife, clubs and cafes. Rich in history, the city is sure to be a treat for Eurotrip enthusiasts.
But while travel remains open until October 28, 2017, the time to lock-in these fares is now - before the discounted deals offer expires.

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