Dubai: More than 170,000 trees planted across Emirate in 2021

An average of 466 trees were planted per day, said Dubai Municipality.


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Published: Sun 13 Feb 2022, 1:36 PM

A total of 2.38 million square metres of green areas was added to the Emirate’s landscape in 2021, Dubai Municipality announced Sunday.

More than 170,000 trees were placed in various locations, including along several roads and squares in Dubai in 2021.

An average of 466 trees were planted per day, 130 per cent higher than the initial target, increasing the total area of green spaces under the Municipality’s supervision to around 43.83 million square metres.

Dawoud Al Hajri, director-general of Dubai Municipality, said: "Dubai Municipality has been working to significantly increase green areas in the Emirate and intensifying horticultural work along all main and secondary roads as well as residential areas.”

He added, “The landscaping work also supports the objectives of the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan to expand green areas in the city.”

Integrated system

As part of its strategy, the Municipality has expanded both natural and acquired green areas to enhance environmental sustainability amidst population growth and urban development, in accordance with international best practices, Al Hajri added.

The department has an integrated system in place to maintain cultivated areas and ensure highly efficient irrigation systems. The Municipality also regularly monitors green areas and conducts awareness campaigns to encourage greenery projects in the city.

Diversifying and increasing the planting of trees

Al Hajri said the Municipality has a new focus on planting local trees such as Ghaf and Sidr as well as trees that are able to tolerate the salinity of the UAE soil.

“Over the past year, we significantly re-engineered our processes for horticultural work on Dubai's main and secondary roads, squares and residential areas. We also introduced new trees that can withstand the UAE’s environment, such as Al Busida and Green Cassia trees, which are grown at the Municipality’s nurseries,” he said.

In addition, the Municipality also planted trees that can help prevent sand encroachment on all external roads. “In the coming years, we aim to intensify and diversify the planting of trees in open desert areas by using local species that can tolerate Dubai’s climate, which in turn will enhance our ability to combat climate change,” he stated.

The Municipality has also deployed Artificial Intelligence technologies to raise the efficiency of irrigation systems and pumping stations used in its horticultural work.

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