Abu Dhabi residents urged to plant more trees, take care of local gardens to achieve green goals

Abu Dhabi City Municipality said it is dedicated to improving parks and green spaces


Ismail Sebugwaawo

Published: Sun 13 Feb 2022, 2:02 PM

Abu Dhabi students and other community members have been told about the importance of planting trees, expanding green areas and taking care of the local environment to achieve sustainable and agricultural environmental standards.

During a remote awareness workshop, the Abu Dhabi City Municipality educated community members about the criteria of the Green Flag Award.

The civic body said it was dedicated and committed to improving parks and green spaces by using the Green Flag Award.

The municipality is also keen to enhance the agricultural culture of the community, encourage the expansion of green areas, planting of trees, and taking care of the local environment and gardens.

The workshop, which was organised recently, targeted school pupils in particular and all other members of society, with the aim of spreading agricultural awareness among a big local community.

The awareness workshop focused on introducing the community to the values ​​and criteria of the green flag award and how to obtain it.

The event, organised in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), also included a virtual workshop about home farming.

The Abu Dhabi Municipality said it was proud to be among the leading municipalities in Asia and Africa to obtain the Green Flag symbol, which is tantamount to an international recognition that Abu Dhabi is implementing the standards provided for in the Code of the Award.

The Green Flag is an international award that targets directing and encouraging park management processes to bring them in line with the applicable standards that take into account providing high-quality services to community members. It is also an indicator of alignment with the efforts of protecting and managing the green environment.

Eight primary standards need to be met for accreditation with the green flag award. These include: providing a welcoming place for visitors, creating a health and safety facility fitted with safety requirements, providing hygiene and maintenance of facilities, complying with sustainability standards, preserving the nature and the heritage, social interaction, marketing and management.

The awarding of the Green Flag is of great importance, especially in identifying the best practices that should be achieved in the management of parks and the green areas. It also promotes tourism in Abu Dhabi parks as a prime destination for tourists who wish to visit and spend enjoyable times in a proper and safe facility and in the same time encouraging the expansion of green areas.

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