Watch: Dubai-based mentalist couple shocks America's Got Talent judges

They have been performing together since 2015

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Image: Instagram
Image: Instagram

Published: Thu 4 Aug 2022, 6:44 AM

Dubai-based couple James Harrington and Marina Liani shocked the celebrity judges (and the audience) on America's Got Talent with their mentalist act.

James was present in the studio with the judges while Marina dialled in through a video call, accompanied by AGT host Terry Crews.

James asked judge and actress Sofia Vergara for her phone. After jokingly asking whether he wanted to make an international call, she handed it over to him, face down.

Marina then asked him to gently place a finger on the back of the phone. She claimed that she would be able to tell the battery percentage of the phone simply through her mentalist powers, even though she was miles away from James and the mobile.

In a matter of seconds, she revealed the battery percentage.

Sure enough, and to the shock of everyone present, the phone said '49%', just as Marina had predicted!

James and Marina perform regularly both within the UAE and internationally. They have previously appeared on Britain's Got Talent as well, wowing judges there too.

They call this act 'Second Sight'. According to their website, this is a "rare form of mentalism", characterised by Marina's ability to "see through the eyes of others without the aid of vision, electronics or funny spoken codes."


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