Watch: Bollywood star Sushmita Sen talks about how she survived major heart attack

The actress takes to social media to thank doctors and fans for their support

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Published: Sat 4 Mar 2023, 7:45 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Mar 2023, 8:45 PM

Bollywood star and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen took to Instagram on Saturday to talk about how she survived a major heart attack, adding that her main artery had 95 per cent blockage.

She thanked her fans all across the world and the team of doctors who 'leased a new life' for her.

She begins her video message by telling her fans that she has a viral throat infection, " bear with me," she says.

"I'm a very very lucky girl. I have received from so much love from you guys (fans). I'm doing well," she adds

The 'Aarya' actor said that it was due to her gym habits and healthy lifestyle that she could survive the heart attack. “I know a lot of you will stop going to the gym and say, ‘it did not help her', but that is not good. It did help me. I survived a very big heart attack. It was massive with a 95 per cent blockage in the main artery. I survived because I have kept an active lifestyle. I believe that for what it is worth, it was a phase and it passed. I am very lucky to be on the other side. It doesn't put fear in me, instead, I now have a feeling of promise to look forward to something.”

“Women need to understand that heart attack is not a men's thing. Also, it is nothing to be afraid of, but it is important to be vigilant. When you get a new lease to life, you respect it and are careful and that is when you learn to exercise and strengthen your will even more.”

Sushmita added, "When you get a new lease of life, you respect it and are careful and that is when you learn to exercise and strengthen your will even more."

The actor also cautioned young people in the age group of the 20s to monitor their heart on a regular basis.

The actress said that she is doing perfectly well. The 'Biwi No 1' actor is eager to come back to the sets. She said, "Once I get a clearance from my doctors, I will be off to Jaipur to finish 'Aarya' and I will also be working on the dubbing for 'Taali'."

“I will be back on Aarya 3 sets, I am going to give you all a season 3 like never before. Yes, I will get well soon. I can't wait to get back on the Aarya set. Everyone is going to sit with their hearts in their mouth.”

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