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Vineeth Sreenivasan on his musical 'Hridayam'

The Pranav Mohanlal-Kalani Priyadarshan-Darshana Rajendran movie is out now


Dhanusha Gokulan

Published: Mon 24 Jan 2022, 7:10 PM

Last updated: Wed 26 Jan 2022, 5:44 PM

Coming of age drama writer-director Vineeth Sreenivasan says he loves to do happy films. “I believe at this point of time; especially, it would be nice to make movies with this motif,” he explains.

Sreenivasan, too experienced some nervous stress ahead of the movie’s release. “The movie took forever to make. I started thinking about the story in 2017 and started writing it in 2019. The entire process took about four-and-a-half years,” he says.

“Also, due to the lockdown, we got a lot of time to work on the film. I believe the additional time helped the movie. Creatively I got a lot of time to re-visit my screenplay. We were able to make a lot of plans about how we can transform the first half of the film,” he explains.

With 15 songs, Hridiyam is a very musical movie. “Music is certainly an essential part of the screenplay and story-telling,” Sreenivasan explains.

“The good thing is that we didn’t have to promote the music. We didn’t have a publicist until December. We just posted the content online. Everything that came after was very natural.”

Sreenivasan said he only gave music director Hesham Abdul Wahab some ‘inspiration’ in the directorial process. “It was all him. I was right beside him, trying to inspire him. We wanted every song to be different from other songs,” he adds.

The writer-director also heaped praises on the professionalism and commitment of the movie’s actors.

“We started filming the campus portions first. We’d auditioned a lot of actors from various theatre groups. All these young actors worked together so well. They were always on time and shared great camaraderie on set. I think these factors helped in the performance aspect,” he adds.

“Once we finished the first schedule and it was time to do the second one, I didn’t have to ask for dates. Everyone was raring to go,” he adds.

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