Video: Saudi Arabia first in the world to host 'real-life' Squid Game experience

The Squid Game Experience in Saudi Arabia attracts hundreds of citizens, residents and tourists daily

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Published: Sun 13 Feb 2022, 11:09 AM

Meet the soldiers in red suits, play a game of glass stepping stones and chase the heart-pounding thrill of a real-life Squid Game experience without any of the deadly penalties.

The Squid Game Experience in Riyadh is the first in the world to offer an identical experience of the games shown in the popular Netflix series. The experience features six different games, beginning with meeting the soldier in red suits and concluding with the announcement of the winner.

Saudi Arabia's General Authority for Entertainment (GEA) allocated a special zone for the event, spanning an area of 9,582sqm at Boulevard Riyadh City in Riyadh. In just 35 days, the area was built with different zones for the six levels of the game.

To make it as realistic as possible, the three-metre-tall animatronic doll was also installed, while the tug of war set is built three metres above the ground to enthral players. Organisers tried to achieve the real-life experience of the games, while ensuring players' safety. One example of this is the glass stepping stones; the breakable glass is replaced with sensors and red lights.

Around 70 players can get the full experience, starting from receiving cards, meeting the soldiers and masked Front Man, wearing the clothes and playing games in different sets.


The Squid Game Experience in Saudi Arabia attracts hundreds of Saudis, residents and tourists, as tickets are sold out on most days.

The Riyadh Season 2021 is held under the slogan “Imagine More”, but what is being offered as a part of the season goes beyond imagination.

It is worth mentioning the Riyadh Season 2021, which kicked off on 20 October 2021, has received more than 10 million visitors, whereas the entertainment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is growing massively

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