Video: Pakistani actress slams trolls who said she dressed up like 'Indian bride' on wedding day

The star also expressed her 'disgust' at a blogger who broke privacy requests and leaked photos to the media

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Published: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 6:20 PM

Last updated: Mon 27 Feb 2023, 11:23 PM

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah tied the knot with golfer Hamza Amin in a daytime nikah (wedding) ceremony in Karachi, attended by family and close friends. Images of the newly-wed went viral on social media, showing Ushna in her gorgeous bridal dress.

The actress is now trolled online for her choice of wedding dress. They objected to the outfit's colour, the song she picked, and the kind of celebrations she had. The star retorted angrily to the uncalled-for criticism and shut down the nay-sayers. Here's how it all unfolded.

Ushna shared a video of the ceremony with her 2.6 million Instagram followers. The video featured the highlights of the wedding with a Bollywood song from the movie Padmaavat. "Married to my nainon wala Maharaja (dreamy prince). I love you, husband,” she captioned the post. “So grateful to our friends and family for flying in from all over the world. My sister Maha and my friends were my tribes in putting this together.”

With great fame comes many fans, and the trolls follow too. She was accused of promoting Indian culture and dressing up 'like an Indian bride'. The trolls did not approve of her gorgeous red bridal trousseau designed by Pakistani brand Wardha Saleem. However, the groom, dressed in an ivory sherwani (long coat), was spared the scrutiny.

The new bride's comment section was full of taunts: "Stop coping Indians", "Why this Indian get-up", "Indian bride", "Try hard to be Kiara and Sidharth" (Bollywood couple who recently got married).

Not the one to be trolled on her wedding day, Ushna took to Instagram with a picture of her henna-ridden hands flashing an engagement ring, to write, “(I’m) Mrs. Amin. To those who have a problem with my dress, you weren’t invited, nor did you pay for the shade of my red. My jewellery and my jora (are) purely Pakistani. My heart, however, is half Austrian.” She concluded with a little prayer for her happy married life.

She also slammed the photographer who attended her wedding without invitation and wrote, "Beigaani shaadi mein jo inunived photographers ghuss gaye, unko salaam (my greetings to the uninvited photographers, who came for our wedding)."

An invited blogger not only brought a plus one but also a photographer who had a drone hovering over the bride during the nikah.

The actor took to Instagram to name and shame the guest who did not comply with the terms clearly defined in the invite. “I am disgusted and feel violated. AB Lakhany, of Moovyshoovy was invited out of obligation as I have known him for years and he happened to be at the office where we were designing invitations. His invite said strictly no plus one,” she wrote. “He was then sent a memo along with other guests to not record personal moments, especially the nikah. Not only did he bring a plus one, he brought a photographer without permission [and] lied to my family that I had allowed this. That photographer then sent exclusive unapproved photos to various [media] portals.”


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