US: Taylor Swift hit with $1 million copyright lawsuit

The singer is currently involved in a plagiarism dispute over her hit song 'Shake It Off'

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Photo: Reuters
Photo: Reuters


Published: Thu 25 Aug 2022, 7:39 AM

Taylor Swift has been slapped with a copyright lawsuit by an author, who claims the pop singer plagiarised her work.

According to Page Six, Swift is being sued for more than $1 million by Teresa La Dart, who claimed that the singer plagiarised her 2010 self-published book of poetry titled 'Lover,' for the companion booklet of Swift's 'Lover' album (2019).

On August 23, La Dart filed a complaint in a federal court in Tennessee, accusing Taylor of plagiarising her book of "poems, tales, and images".

Page Six further reported that the complaint stated each work was a "recollection of former years, immortalised in a combination of literary and graphical components", in addition to sharing the same title. La Dart also asserted that the colour scheme and graphic style used by Swift were too similar to be a coincidence.

The singer is currently involved in another copyright dispute over her hit song 'Shake It Off'.

According to Page Six, Swift allegedly borrowed lyrics from the 2001 song 'Playas Gon' Play', performed by the girl group '3LW', according to songwriters Sean Hall and Nathan Butler. The 2017 lawsuit was initially dismissed, but has since been reopened on appeal.

Swift, however, vehemently denied stealing any lyrics in a sworn deposition.


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