UAE-based vocalist Fahmil Khan talks all things music

The Indian-expat musician has several original compositions lined-up for release this year


Husain Rizvi

Published: Tue 4 Oct 2022, 5:31 PM

Last updated: Tue 4 Oct 2022, 5:32 PM

Music for UAE-based musician Fahmil Khan is a personal journey that has helped him get in touch with his soul and find his purpose. It is not a "career path" but a feeling that makes him the person he is.

"I can express myself without any barriers," he tells City Times. "It is a true reflection of my inner soul."

And that was ignited by Fahmil's passion for music, followed by his perseverance which ultimately led to the Indian expat's live performances.

Originally from Kerala, Fahmil grew up in Dubai and attended the Indian High School. He then pursued Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering from BITS Pilani Dubai, where he trained as an engineer who worked on circuits and connections. He shared, "I transformed those skills to connect with the guitar. And what began with strumming the guitar, led to private gigs purely by word of mouth. After that, there was no slowing down. Right now, I am in the middle of a wonderful adventure and have a long way to go as I continue to fill in the pages that unfold with a symphony of sound."

And one of the pages in Fahmil's life even features his experience of performing at Expo 2020 Dubai's India Pavilion earlier this year on Valentine's Day. Another page, sees him bagging various awards for his musical talent.

He has also launched several original compositions this year including Mujhko Mila De, Beparwaiyan, and more. We got in touch with Fahmil to know more about his career as a vocalist and his upcoming projects.

You've launched many compositions this year, what's next?

I have five new compositions lined up that will be launched very soon by renowned channels. After the success of Beparwaiyan and Maahi Mera, the plan is to keep composing tunes. Performances within the UAE and globally will continue and just the ability to connect with a larger varied audience is incentive enough to keep me going.

You've been in the limelight at Expo 2020 Dubai’s India Pavilion for your music, how did that feel? How did it happen?

I was approached by the organisers of the India Pavilion at Expo based on word of mouth. Initially I performed for the Indian Consulate. The fact that the gig was such a huge hit with them led to us getting the opportunity to perform on Valentine's Day at the India Pavilion. Needless to say, it was very well received. Expo 2020 was a defining mark for the UAE globally and to be a miniscule part of this was an honour and a privilege. It was truly a historical and memorable moment for me to be involved with a project from the country that is so dear to my heart.

There are many songs you've composed this year. What continues to inspire you?

When it comes to music and lyrics I need very little inspiration, it occurs to me randomly and naturally since it is an integral part of my being. Just like eating and breathing comes naturally to a human being, music is a necessity and a fundamental need for my existence. Despite not having any classical training in music, I work on composition with my lyricist very spontaneously.

In your life as a musician, what has been the best moment so far?

There is no single best moment as a musician. Every time I step on the stage it is a defining moment for me. One is when I reach out and connect to my wonderful audience, the very people who have made me who I am. Performing globally, getting several accolades like Emirates Influencer award for the best Bollywood musician in the UAE and the most recent one, the Best Music Band for IndoPak, something I could not achieve without the talent and support of my brothers in arms Faraz Ahmed and Deepak Chatpar. It is definitely amongst the top highlights of my musical journey. Being a part of the opening acts for renowned artists and performing at iconic institutions steeped in musical history, are all the defining moments for me that have become a bank of beautiful memories. Best is a relative term and for me my best moment is when I can touch the hearts of my audience, feel their pain and give them a reason to smile. There can be nothing better than giving someone happiness even if it is just for a moment. I feel I have accomplished so much as an individual and as part of team IndoPak with Faraz and Deepak.

What’s your take on the live music scene in the city?

Dubai as always continues to amaze me. The music scene is far more competitive now than it ever was but this magnanimous city always finds a way to help people showcase their talent. The constant need to evolve as a city inspires people to grow and be a part of that change.

With so many avenues opening for the newcomers, musicians like me can take a step towards their dream because this city allows them to do so. The key is to identify a niche in the market, be true to yourself, stay consistent and own it! Every musician has something unique to offer and Dubai has a place for everyone, you just need to seek it!

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