Priyanka Chopra shares bloodied face with fans, says stunts 'feel like a cakewalk'

Towards the end of the video, someone can be heard cheering her on, behind camera

By Web Desk

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Published: Fri 26 May 2023, 9:14 AM

Blood, sweat and tears, that's what it takes to perform stunts on a show like Citadel, Priyanka Chopra has said on Instagram.

In a video, she says, "Tell me your job is glamorous without telling me your job is glamorous". Immediately after which she humorously flips the camera to show that mud and dirt is being applied on her.

The international actor shared a post showing how her profession can be demanding with images of her bloodied face, and clips of her shooting action scenes. Elaborating in the caption, the star said, "Blood, sweat, and tears, literally."

The actor took to the social media platform to thank her stunt coordinators and stunt double ahead of the season finale that is set to air this week.

"So grateful for the brilliant stunt coordinators on @citadelonprime @don_thai, @jyou10 and @nikkipowell114 you made doing my own stunts feel like a cake walk. Wait, what, kidding! There was nothing easy about that but having you and your excellent team around made me feel so safe. Thank you!! Also Special thanks to my amazing stunt double @neeshnation, who did all the falling/landing (the tuff stuff) on my behalf Couldn’t have done this without you all. Season finale this week ♥️"

Towards the end of the video, someone can be heard cheering her on, behind camera. The celebrity clarified in her post that it was in fact her stunt coordinator motivating her.

Chopra's newest show Citadel airs on Amazon Prime in the UAE.


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