Priyanka Chopra on insecure men, pay parity, and support from husband Nick Jonas

The international star is set to headline 'Citadel' in which Priyanka achieved pay parity for the first time in her career


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Published: Tue 18 Apr 2023, 12:40 PM

Last updated: Tue 18 Apr 2023, 2:14 PM

Actor Priyanka Chopra's journey has been an inspiration for millions of people across the globe. From winning the coveted title of Miss World at the age of 18 to putting India on the global map with her acting talent like no other, Priyanka is undoubtedly one name that is synonymous with power and success.

Her journey to success has not been a bed of roses. Like others, she also dealt with several hurdles -- whether it was facing racism abroad or being "cornered" in Bollywood. However, she took it all in her stride and shone even brighter.

She is now all set to headline the Russo Brothers' international series Citadel. With Citadel, Priyanka has achieved pay parity for the first time in her career of 22 years.

The actor reflected on the issue of pay parity between men and women. She also discussed how the insecurity of men plays a role in pay inequality.

"I have some incredible men in my life who are not insecure of my success but I also have men in my life who are very insecure of my success... so I think that men have enjoyed the freedom and the pride of being the bread winners or the leaders of the family. It's threatening to their territory when a woman does that or if a woman is more successful or a man is staying at home and a woman is going out to work."

Priyanka emphasised on raising sons sans gender-based stereotypes.

"They (men) will feel bad but we have to teach our sons that there is no shame in crying, there is no shame in shedding tears, and there is no shame in giving spotlight to your mothers, sisters, girlfriends," she said.

The global queen also recalled how her father always supported her mother and never felt insecure about her success.

"My dad did it to my mother. She was getting into private practices and he was still in military. My mom started earning more than my father but they saw it as a unit because 'ghar pe hi toh aa raha hai (everything is coming at home)'.. there was no ego," Priyanka beamed with pride.

Priyanka gave a shout out to her husband Nick Jonas as well.

"Now today when I am walking the red carpet with my husband and he steps aside and gives me centre stage I feel proud.

"I feel very proud that I have surrounded myself with people (my father, my husband, my friends and my in-laws) who do not have that insecurity. We as a society need to raise those kind of men who do not feel insecure about such things...sabko successful hone do (let everyone become successful)," Priyanka concluded.


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