Naomi D'Souza reveals why she is part of 'Say Yes to the Dress Arabia'

'Say Yes to the Dress Arabia' is making its Middle Eastern debut


Ambica Sachin

Published: Thu 10 Feb 2022, 3:52 PM

Dubai’s own social media star Naomi D’Souza shares the challenges of being on a reality show Say Yes to the Dress Arabia hosted by Khalil Zein.

Excerpts from her conversation with City Times

How does it feel to be part of an iconic show like Say Yes to the Dress!

I feel honoured to be chosen as one of the ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ brides! It was always a dream to be a part of a reality TV show, now that, combined with the fact that it’s for MY WEDDING GOWN was a double tick. The feeling was surreal.

What was the biggest challenge you faced on the show?

Having been in front of the camera for years, I did think this would be easy. But, it was not — it was complicated and difficult, mainly because of the mixed feelings involved here. Choosing a dress wasn’t an easy feat on its own, and doing that on camera, with my mom and mother-in-law, only made it more challenging. Having three minds with conflicting thoughts and ideas, especially on camera, was not very comfortable for all of us.

Choosing a bridal gown is a momentous occasion in any girl’s life. How did it feel doing this on camera?

Choosing a dress on camera was something I never thought I’d do! I was conscious in the beginning but then I just went with the flow.

My priority was a white A-line dress, fitted at the top, flowy at the bottom with some sparkle. I had 2 key points in mind, first for me to feel and look like an absolute princess and second, to ensure Jake’s jaw drops whilst looking at me. I thought of trying an off-white or a different-coloured dress as well, but I settled for the classic white!

How was it working with Khalil Zain?

Working with Khalil was great! He had a lot of patience and was very accommodating to my requests. He stepped in to settle things on set if my mother(s) didn’t like something I wore. By the way, he chose my final dress too! I had not seen the final look until I went out and faced my moms and the mirror. If it wasn’t for Khalil finding ‘the dress’, I wouldn’t have said ‘Yes to the Dress’!

What advice would you give brides when it comes to zeroing down on that special dress?

Have a budget in mind. Look at a few dresses online keeping in mind your body type. This will give you an idea of what you want in terms of material, design, colour, style etc. Feel yourself in the design. Stay calm. Every one of us is beautiful, and there is a dress for each of us. Be patient and continue trying dresses till you are convinced. I wish you all the best, ladies!!

Say Yes to the Dress Arabia premieres on Friday, February 11, on streaming platform STARZPLAY.

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