Look: 12-foot Taylor Swift skeleton? Fan gets creative with Halloween decorations of singer, rumoured boyfriend

The attention-grabbing display has drawn a lot of interest from passersby, even causing some traffic slowdowns


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Photo: AP file
Photo: AP file

Published: Tue 3 Oct 2023, 3:32 PM

As the Halloween month begins, Americans have started decorating their homes with spooky and creative displays. One particularly eye-catching attraction making waves in the town of Zionsville, Indiana, is the gigantic skeletal representation of pop sensation Taylor Swift and her rumoured beau, football tight end Travis Kelce.

Michal Owens, a resident of Zionsville, has become the talk of the town with her impressive Halloween decor. She has set up a remarkable 12-foot skeletal duo of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. To add a playful touch to the display, three smaller skeletal figures have been stacked together, each holding a sign that reads "Taylor Swift 2024." Pictures of the Halloween set up have been shared on social media.

Owens creatively dressed up the skeleton to look like Taylor Swift, with a sparkly blue dress featuring fringe detailing, just like the pop star's fashion. The skeleton even features Taylor Swift's trademark short blonde hair. In contrast, the skeleton representing Travis Kelce has a playful touch, with a fake moustache and a jersey displaying the number 87 to capture the distinctive look of the football tight end.

Sharing the inspiration behind her imaginative decoration, Michael Owens explained to WTHR, "I'm a big Swiftie, we're big fans. Every year, we try to do something funny, kind of pop culture-related. So, this year, we figured what's bigger than Taylor Swift?"

Given the colossal size of the skeleton, finding a suitable jersey for it proved to be a challenge. Owens decided to take matters into her own hands, stating, "I kind of had a feeling I was going to end up making a Travis Kelce jersey, but I waited. After it blew up, I knew I had to make it. But, believe it or not, it's hard to find a shirt to fit that skeleton."

The attention-grabbing display has drawn a lot of interest from passersby, even causing some traffic slowdowns. Owens remarked, "We're on a busy road, and so we've had a lot of honking and slowing down. We try to tell people to pull in the drive to get a picture because we don't want anyone to cause a traffic issue."


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