Sarah Rashed on the 'first female influencer fight in Dubai'

Dubai - Influenceme’s first fight event Social Knockout featuring Rashed Saif Belhasa and other famous faces from the Middle East, was a huge hit.


While excitement is running high for cryptocurrency combat event Social Knockout 2, we caught up with Sarah Rashed, Managing Partner of Influenceme, who has been instrumental in empowering women in the region starting with fashion in the early 2000s. Influenceme’s first fight event Social Knockout featuring Rashed Saif Belhasa and other famous faces from the Middle East, was a huge hit.

“Social Knockout 2 was our concept to provide the same platform for girl influencers and the response we got is amazing so far. It is a completely new concept and a great way for women to be actively involved in every sport and break stereotypical barriers. The idea is purely based around an active lifestyle and entertainment. Expo 2020 has just started and the UAE has always been one step ahead; we are proud we are able to create such events in our amazing city. The ladies bout (on October 15) will see Dubai-based Indian Tiktok star Jumana Khan take on Saudi Arabian presenter Sarleen Ahmed. Our agency is ever growing and we are heavily involved in Expo 2020, and are also planning to be a part of Dubai Fashion Week.”

The Social Knockout 2 press conference was held at JW Marriott alongside the Gulf Blockchain event on Monday.

Jumana Khan predicted that she would knock out her opponent, Saudi Arabian TV presenter and influencer Sarleen Ahmed. Jumana taunted her opponent by giving her a baby’s bottle of milk stating she was a kid. Sarleena responded by thanking her for providing the milk to make her bones stronger and unbreakable.

One of the biggest Arab YouTubers globally, Adam Saleh, said that he was excited for the fight and was happy to have started Social Knockout with Tam Khan and Rashed Belhasa.

“October 15 is going to be a ‘bloody’ night, and I’m prepared to put up an entertaining show. I promise its going to end really badly for him,” he told the crowd. Added Tam Khan of TK Fight Night; “One of my students in the gym showed me the YouTube fight of KSI and Logan Paul. I saw the viewership numbers and thought of doing it here in Dubai. I thought who better to do it here than Rashed Belhasa aka Money Kicks, the biggest influencer in the GCC. He’s been an influencer since he was a kid, playing with lions outside with friends for fun, he’s made rap songs, done it all.”

“Rashed had this concept,” continued Tam, “and we got it together. It was delayed for a few years due to Covid. This is our second show and we will have one more in December. We have Rashed come back to defend his undefeated streak against Ajmal Khan, who is a huge TikTok influencer from India. He’s going to be taking on this fight when a lot of guys didn’t want to fight Rashed because there is too much to lose.”

Ajmal said, “I am very excited this is my first time stepping into the ring. He (Rashed) can’t knock me out in 30 seconds and I will try knocking him out in 30 seconds instead.”

According to Tam Khan there will be no winners or losers since these will be exhibition fights but there is huge respect for just stepping into the ring, and stepping under those lights in front of a big audience.

“Respect to everyone on this podium today,” he said. “Rashed has been a big reason why we do this and lead the way.”

Tam then asked Rashed how it felt to be on the show for the second time after the big victory with the first one which has over 25 million views till date on social media. This one promises to be bigger with bigger artists, more fights, bigger audience. “How does it feel to return and fight in your own home town?”

Rashed thanked Tam explaining, “we started this six months ago during Ramadan. I really respect my opponent. I am going to knock you (Ajmal Khan) out in the first round. It’s going to be a bad knockout. I wish you go back home safe,” Rashed said.

Tam said that at the end of the day, win or lose, all participants shake hands and squash the beef and that’s what you remember in sports.

“It’s good to be competitive and at the end of the day it’s just a sport. Respect is also meant to be there for your opponents as they have gone through what you’re going through in training camp.”

Social Knockout 2 will be held at Dubai's Coca-Cola Arena on October 15. Buy tickets here:

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