Jumana Khan excited for Social Knockout 2

Filed on October 11, 2021

The popular influencer hopes to defeat rival Sarleen Ahmed in the cryptocurrency combat event in Dubai this weekend.

UAE influencer Jumana Khan who was catapulted into the spotlight for her videos on TikTok, is all set to make her amateur boxing debut in what is tagged as the first ever female influencer boxing match in Dubai.

Social Knockout 2 organised by TK Fight Night and Influenceme in collaboration with KokoSwap will see Jumana take on social media personality and MBC TV presenter Sarleen Ahmed in the ring.

Jumana who boasts 4.9 million followers on Instagram and 9 million on TikTok has been featured on billboards in the UAE and is also part of two films, one of which is expected to come out soon.

The world’s first cryptocurrency-only combat event, Social Knockout held its first edition on July 30 at the Coca-Cola Arena where famous faces from the Middle East came to blows in the boxing ring. Dubai’s young businessman and social media influencer Rashed Saif Belhasa beat his counterpart Anas Elshayhib in one of the most highly anticipated matches in the competition.

Now, fans are eagerly awaiting the Jumana-Sarleen match in Social Knockout 2 which will take place on Friday, October 15 at the Coca-Cola Arena.

Jumana opened up on why she was inspired to participate in this unique competition.

What made you take part in Social Knockout 2?

I took part in the boxing competition having zero knowledge about boxing. When I got the opportunity, I thought I’ll grab it and learn something from it. Obviously I’m not doing it just for fun; I’ve taken this very seriously and I will give it my 100% for sure! It’s serious!

My friend Sarah (Rashed) has an agency called Influenceme, so when she gave me a call and asked me if I’d like to do it, I said yeah, sure, let’s do it! So I’m happy to be a part of the event which is sponsored by KokoSwap and TK Fight Night.

Who is coaching you and how often do you train?

So my friend is doing strength training, and my coach is also someone who has good knowledge about it. I do it on a regular basis because I believe only if you’re consistent with what you do will you achieve something in life. You have to give 100% to anything that you do.

I believe it’s all in your head; you have to build confidence and tell yourself that you can do it and push yourself to the core every time you feel weak, mentally or physically.

Have you always been into fitness?

Yes, of course. I go to the gym. I have been doing weight training and cardio for a long time but I haven’t ever done boxing, and that’s exactly why I wanted to do it.

Do you think you’ll win or are you just happy to participate?

Of course, the aim is to win and knock her (Sarleen) out, but sometimes, even if you give something your 100%, you may or may not win. You have to take it in a sporting spirit but you should always aim to win.

Will you continue boxing? And are you planning to focus on being a fitness influencer too?

Yes, definitely. I am going to continue with boxing and I’ll focus on fitness too. Health is wealth.

What have you learned so far in terms of boxing?

Well, it’s very important to have good stamina. You’ve got to work on your cardio and to be honest, boxing is fun and I’m really loving it!


Social Knockout 2 will take place on October 15 at Dubai’s Coca-Cola Arena. There will also be a live performance by DaBaby and Giggs. Tickets can be purchased at this link: https://coca-cola-arena.etixdubai.com/shows/show.aspx?sh=SOCIALKO21