Indian actor describes ‘surreal’ photoshoot in UAE desert, prepares to-do list for Dubai trip

Kannada actress Sharmiela Mandre flew to UAE for a photoshoot and was left awestruck by the golden hour


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Published: Wed 14 Jun 2023, 3:57 PM

Last updated: Tue 4 Jul 2023, 8:29 PM

Kannada actress Sharmiela Mandre is mesmerised by every element that Dubai offers to its visitors or tourists. She flew to the UAE for a photoshoot and was left awestruck by the golden hour here. It wasn’t easy for the actress and her team to shoot in the scorching heat in the desert during daytime. So, they waited and when they resumed the shoot during the golden hour, “the whole experience was surreal” for Sharmiela. She told ETimes, “The temperature is soaring, so we went to shoot close to the golden hour. It wasn’t hot then, and the whole experience was surreal.”

She added that “walking on the sand was hard as it’s uneven, and the feet sink in. Walking barefoot is ideal.”

Sharmiela Mandre enjoyed every moment of the photoshoot. So much so that when she returned to her car, the actress had sand all around her. “After the shoot, when I got back in the car, the driver asked me if I brought the entire desert along with me, there was so much sand everywhere,” revealed the actress.

She added that except for her team, there was no one in the vicinity and it was “beautiful” to be surrounded by just sand, “as far as the eye could see.” Sharmiela told the publication: “There was literally nothing in the vicinity, not even people, apart from the team, and as far as the eye could see, there was just sand. It was beautiful.”

The actress has also prepared a to-do list in Dubai and it includes desert safari, witnessing Arabian Nights belly dance, trying local Lebanese and Arabic cuisines, visiting the Jumeirah beach and shopping.

Sharmiela Mandre is known for her work in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films like Kevvu Keka, Sajni, Mirattal and Aake.


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