How Dubai-based actress Enjy Kiwan became an advocate for victims of bullying

The former banker speaks on her spectacular journey from being an investment banker to actor to social advocate raising a voice against bullying

By Areeba Hashmi

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Published: Sun 10 Dec 2023, 5:53 PM

Last updated: Sun 10 Dec 2023, 8:58 PM

In the bustling realm of lights and cameras, Enjy Kiwan, an Egyptian actress based in the United Arab Emirates, has gracefully carved her path from investment banking to becoming a prominent public figure. Born in Abu Dhabi, Enjy's transition into the world of entertainment was not merely a career shift but a realisation of a childhood dream she had tucked away under familial traditions.

Enjy's journey unfolded as she delved into the realms of presenting, eventually meeting producers and directors who became instrumental in steering her towards her true passion: acting. Despite a flourishing career as a moderator and Emcee in the MENA region, Enjy found herself drawn back to acting. Fuelling her innate talent, she enrolled in acting classes to refine her skills, setting the stage for a captivating career in front of the camera.

Her breakthrough came with S Production Media's El Wad Mistqr, where she seized the lead role of Nardine, marking her entry into the spotlight. The laurels continued with her portrayal of Nora, a sociopathic character in Beit El Maadi, a role that earned her widespread acclaim for the complexity and depth she brought to the character, acting opposite Tara Emaad and Kinda Alloush.

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In a candid reflection on her journey, Enjy shared, "It's been my dream to be an actress since I was a little girl, but it was against my family's traditions. As I left investment banking and joined the presenting industry, I was pushed into the entertainment part of it, and then I met producers and directors, and it all fell into place."

The character of Nora, a sociopath, left an indelible mark on Enjy. "It was very difficult; it was a lot of fun. I was crying so much before getting into the role because I just couldn' know when you join acting classes, they always teach that even if you play a villain, you're not supposed to see yourself as a villain," She confessed.

Despite the challenges, Enjy's commitment to her craft pushed her to understand and empathise with the character, making it a transformative experience. Her dedication to emotionally intense roles reflects her passion for storytelling and her ability to delve into the psyche of complex characters.

Beyond the glitz and glamour, Enjy's role as an Emcee has brought its own set of challenges. Recounting a particularly memorable incident, she said, "Every MCing experience is always challenging because it's always a new stage, new audience." She vividly described an instance where she had to navigate an unexpected twist when a singer left the stage abruptly. Enjy's ability to improvise and handle the situation with grace underscores her versatility as a master of ceremonies.

The former investment banker loves to delve into the psyche of complex characters
The former investment banker loves to delve into the psyche of complex characters

Enjy's commitment extends beyond the entertainment realm. She passionately advocates for anti-bullying initiatives, drawing from her personal experiences. "What motivated me to become an advocate for victims of bullying is, of course, my experience with bullying. And it has scarred me forever," she revealed. Her dedication to spreading kindness and awareness stems from a promise she made to herself, especially as a mother, to contribute positively to society.

Addressing the challenges of addressing bullying-related issues, Enjy remarked, "I wouldn't say there are any challenges with regards to bullying because it's a topic that everybody has either experienced firsthand or secondhand or witnessed." She expressed concern about the varying levels of tolerance for bullying in different parts of the world, emphasising the devastating impact it can have on children.

Enjy's strategy to create a safe and supportive atmosphere involves sharing her own story during events tackling bullying-related themes. By starting with personal experiences, she aims to establish a connection and encourage openness. "I always start with my story to be able to relate to people. Then I'll discuss the reason why people are bullied so that other people also feel less intimidated."

In the midst of her multifaceted career, Enjy finds solace and self-care in her advocacy work. "This is self-care, that is the easiest for me and part of my self-care," she asserted. Engaging in acts of kindness and contributing to a meaningful cause brings her a sense of fulfillment and inner peace, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between her advocacy and personal well-being.

Enjy's journey as an actress, Emcee, and advocate intertwine seamlessly, providing her with a platform to amplify her voice for positive change. She believes that individuals with influence should leverage their platforms to advocate for important causes, emphasising the transformative impact collective voices can have on societal issues.

Enjy Kiwan's story is not just one of success in the entertainment industry but a testament to her resilience, empathy, and commitment to making a positive impact. Through her roles on screen, her presence on stage, and her advocacy off-camera, Enjy strives to create a world where kindness prevails, and the echoes of her voice resonate far beyond the realm of entertainment.


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