Head to these spots for the best of Emirati cuisine

Indulge in traditional and modern Emirati delights at these restaurants around the country

By Areeba Hashmi

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Published: Mon 11 Dec 2023, 4:05 PM

Al Fanar Restaurant

Step into Al Fanar Restaurant & Cafe at Dubai Festival City Mall, and be transported to the 1960s, reminiscent of when Dubai was a charming coastal town. This branch is situated on the mall’s ground floor and emits genuine Emirati culture and flavour. Immerse yourself in the ambience of history, wandering through scenes of bygone eras. Indulge in traditional delights such as Raqaq, Khameer, and Chebab with cheese, complemented by date syrup. This establishment envelops you in tales of the past, with the lingering aromas of bakhoor enhancing the experience.


A captivating Emirati dining experience at Ana Restaurant in The Dubai Mall, where the journey transcends mere cuisine. Offering unparalleled hospitality, breathtaking views, and exquisite dishes, Ana ensures that every visit creates memories. The restaurant seamlessly blends modern Emirati flavours with contemporary vibes, becoming a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Indulge in must-tries like Balaleet, Emirati Rocca, and Mish Arayees, and leave room for the delightful Karak Cheesecake. Conclude your experience with a sip of traditional Emirati Qahwa, completing a culinary journey that goes beyond the ordinary.


Enter Local House, where the heartbeat of Emirati cuisine resonates in every dish. Located in the heart of the Dubai Mall, the restaurant blends authenticity with a modern touch, offering a sensory journey through time. Indulge in freshly prepared sweet and savoury delights, from Logma Benedict to flavourful Khameer Sandwiches, each bite capturing the essence of UAE's rich history.

Saba’a Restaurant

Immerse yourself in the rich flavours of tradition at Saba’a Restaurant, where authentic oriental cuisine commands the spotlight. Embracing the timeless tastes of the region, Saba’a, meaning “seven” in Arabic, entices with its fusion of contemporary presentation and traditional ingredients. Located within the Al Seef Heritage Hotel, the restaurant offers breakfast treats like foul medames and mezze, alongside generous portions of seafood and meat. Don't miss their must-try Mashawi for a culinary experience that promises delight at every bite.

Siraj Restaurant

Nestled amidst Dubai’s towering skyscrapers and opulent hotels, Siraj Restaurant emerges as a culinary treasure, drawing admiration from locals and visitors alike. The menu unfolds a delectable fusion of Emirati and Levant flavours, creating a unique gastronomic experience. Siraj, situated in Souk Al Bahar and offering a picturesque view of the Dubai Fountain, exudes sophistication and flair. Famously known for its irresistible hummus, the culinary delights are complemented by breathtaking views and the option to enjoy shisha, making it a must-visit destination.

SMAT Restaurant

Enter SMAT Restaurant, a culinary sanctuary where Emirati cuisine blends seamlessly with a commitment to crafting unforgettable experiences. Indulge in their Emirati Breakfast, savour the unique Balaleet, relish the Karak French Toast, and treat your taste buds to the delightful Luqaimat. Nestled in the Dubai Design District, SMAT provides a culinary journey that captures the values and flavours defining the region's unique culinary charm.

Arabian Tea House

Take a step back and embark on a historical journey at the Arabian Tea House in Dubai’s Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, formerly Al Bastakiya. Once known as the Basta Art Cafe, this charming spot invites you to immerse yourself in old-world charm with its turquoise benches, white rattan chairs, lace curtains, and vibrant flowers. Indulge in a sip of qahwa and make sure not to overlook the chef’s recommended Laham Machboos — a dish that encapsulates the essence of Emirati flavours.


Explore the rich tapestry of Emirati flavours at Aseelah Restaurant, your go-to destination for memorable dinners and private gatherings, featuring stylish interiors and a stunning glass-walled terrace. Whether you opt for the a la carte or buffet menus, live belly dancing performances captivate your evenings. Indulge in timeless classics like the traditional Bedouin-style Ouzi with Oriental Rice. The elegant glass terrace beckons you for a leisurely shisha session, adding an extra touch of comfort.


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