Dubai-based musician Magnum Ghandour on his new track: 'Magnesium' portrays a part of my childhood

The artist talks about his latest track, a blend of electronic and trap elements, with which he establishes a connection to his childhood

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Husain Rizvi

Published: Wed 16 Aug 2023, 5:29 PM

Magnum Ghandour had one thing in mind when he released his track Magnesium (on July 28): To tap into sounds that would bring out an imaginary sound, supposedly portraying the sound of chemicals and laboratory equipment.

And the Dubai-based artist does so by combining electronic and trap elements with his distinctive vocals. Produced by Mohamed "Yungdroown" Ahmed, Magnesium is an energetic track that immediately grabs attention, perhaps solidifying Magnum's place in the UAE's rap-music scene.

Accompanying the track is a captivating music video set in a post-apocalyptic setting, mirroring the song's energy. The video's dark ambiance symbolizes Magnum's artistic transformation, enhancing the song's impact.

For Magnum, Magnesium is not just a track; it's a part of his "childhood," he says, "It is a feeling that has dragged itself along with me throughout the years."

We caught up Magnum, whose previous hits include Hayabusa, Mani Fadi, and Meet Se3a, and discussed more about the track Magnesium, and where the artist is headed next.

Congratulations on your latest release, Magnesium. Tell us the inspiration behind the title and how it ties into the essence of the track and music video?

I was raised hearing chemical compound terms as my father is a chemical engineer. I used to go to the factory with him and once I heard him say “Magnesium” and ever since it’s been stuck in my head. The audio used in the track resemble the sound of chemicals, if they had a sound.

The music video was shot in a chemical factory and shows magnesium being injected into me and it becoming a part of me; it being injected stands for loyalty to my childhood, imagination and dreams.

The track carries a unique blend of electronic and trap sounds. How did you come up with the idea to merge these genres, and what message or emotion did you aim to convey through this fusion?

The beat was made by Yung Droown & Prodbygad. We aimed to tap into sounds that would bring out an imaginary sound, supposedly portraying the sound of chemicals and laboratory equipment. When it came to the mix and mastering stage, we put a lot of focus into small electronic sounds and voice elements that filled the track with an interactive background.

The music video for Magnesium presents a post-apocalyptic world, adding a visual dimension to the track. Could you tell us about the concept behind the video and how it enhances the overall experience of the song?

Magnesium music video is a sequel of its pre-music videos, it is a continuation. In the previous music video (Meet Se3a), I end up dying at the end. In Magnesium, my body is collected and I am brought into a lab, and revived by magnesium being injected into me.

Magnesium not only refers to the chemical element but also symbolizes your stage name and the energy you bring to your music. What is the significance of this wordplay in relation to your artistic identity?

Magnesium portrays a part of my childhood, a feeling that has dragged itself along with me throughout the years. Magnum is a car that I have customized, Magnum stands for bigger than life, and magnesium is a chemical element that is almost everywhere. I feel close to these two terms as an artist, I find myself thinking of big ideas constantly, and I aim to be everywhere, like Magnesium.

The track's intense and aggressive energy is palpable. How do you anticipate this song resonating with your fans and new listeners alike?

All said, I anticipate listeners to resonate with the sound of Magnesium in their own way as they have built their own experiences. But I do hope that the sound that we are trying to present pushes the listeners to do more and chase what they want.

How do you feel this track represents your artistic evolution and where you're headed musically?

As mentioned earlier, the track represents being reborn by magnesium being injected into me in the video, and about where I am headed, only time will tell. We are aiming big and working hard, and I hope to inspire and to spread good energy to as many listeners as possible.

Looking ahead, are there any upcoming projects, collaborations, or performances that your fans can look forward to after the release of Magnesium?

I will be doing more live performances going forward as I got to perform a handful this year. Collaborations are something that I have been eyeing and will definitely step into it. There is a project coming out next (there always is), I am working on it with my team.


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