Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson's film 'Transformers One' gets new release date

This strategic move seeks to optimise the film's presentation and ensure maximum exposure on Imax screens


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Photo: ANI
Photo: ANI

Published: Sat 20 Apr 2024, 3:01 PM

Last updated: Sat 20 Apr 2024, 3:02 PM

Paramount Pictures and Hasbro's much-anticipated animated feature, 'Transformers One,' has a new release date.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the movie is set to make its debut in theatres on September 20 instead of September 13, 2024.

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The announcement of the slight delay came alongside the grand reveal of its official trailer.

In a strategic move to optimise the film's presentation and ensure maximum exposure on Imax screens, the release date was reportedly pushed back by one week.

This decision also aims to provide ample breathing space for the movie amidst the competitive landscape, granting it a two-week buffer from Sony's forthcoming flick, 'Beetlejuice Beetlejuice.'

Paramount's unique trailer launch commenced at 6am PT with a mesmerising live-streamed countdown, capturing the journey of the trailer into the vast expanse of space.

After an hour-long ascent, the craft reached a staggering altitude of 125,000 feet above Earth, unveiling the trailer amidst the cosmic backdrop.

The event was further enhanced with a personalised introduction video from voice stars Chris Hemsworth and Brian Tyree Henry.

The star-studded voice cast includes Scarlett Johansson, Keegan-Michael Key, and Steve Buscemi, alongside Laurence Fishburne and Jon Hamm.

'Transformers One' promises to delve into the untold origins of iconic characters Optimus Prime and Megatron.

Set against the backdrop of Cybertron, the film aims to unravel the intricacies of their once unbreakable bond, which ultimately leads to their profound rivalry and shapes the destiny of their world, as per The Hollywood Reporter.

At the recent CinemaCon event, theatre owners were treated to an exclusive sneak peek of the trailer, along with a 3D preview of the movie's opening scene.

In addition to the 'Transformers' news, Paramount also announced the rescheduling of their untitled animated 'Aang: The Last Airbender Avatar' movie, moving its release date from October 10, 2025, to January 30, 2026.


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