Charlie Sheen settles lawsuit with ex who accused him of exposing her to HIV

The actor settled the lawsuit for USD120,000

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Charlie Sheen (Reuters Photo)
Charlie Sheen (Reuters Photo)


Published: Sun 28 Aug 2022, 9:31 AM

American actor Charlie Sheen chose to settle a lawsuit filed by an ex in which she claimed the actor knowingly exposed her to HIV.

According to Page Six, the actor settled the lawsuit for USD120,000.

Page Six reports that in her initial filing in June 2017, the plaintiff, who is only referred to as Jane Doe in the court records, asserted that she had first met Sheen in September 2015 and that they had started having intercourse soon after.

Initially, he is said to have protection. Still, as of October 26, 2015, he allegedly switched to having unprotected intercourse with the woman, who is described in the legal documents as a "Russian emigre." She had questioned whether he had any STDs before the skin-to-skin contact and he had said, "'I'm good,'" she said.

But after the act, he allegedly admitted to her that he was HIV positive, which he had known since 2011, and provided her medicines to prevent getting the virus.

Page Six further reports that she allegedly then went to an emergency room to get additional preventative care before confronting him about his behaviour a few days later. He allegedly called himself "noble" for telling her about his HIV status in the first place during the dispute, adding that he hadn't told her before their unprotected intercourse since it was "none of her (expletive) business."

According to reports, he went on to scream about how anti-viral medications weren't necessary and were just a result of "the convenient rumours of the medical profession."

The whole alleged incident supposedly happened just a few weeks before the 'Two and a Half Men' star revealed to Matt Lauer on the 'Today' show in November 2015 that he had contracted the disease.

According to Page Six, this complaint was not the first to accuse Sheen of intentionally exposing a previous sexual partner to HIV, nor was it the first to make claims about the actor's other despicable actions related to his relationships.

Page Six reports that Scottine Ross, Sheen's ex-fiancee, filed a new lawsuit against him in December 2015, accusing him of abusing her throughout their relationship. The lawsuit lists numerous horrifying instances of what Ross claims Sheen did to her, along with the actor's alleged failure to tell her about his HIV status when she was 24 at the time of their roughly one-year relationship.

In 2016, it was revealed that Sheen had knowingly exposed at least 25 sexual partners to HIV by refusing to tell them he was an HIV carrier. He claimed at the time that he hadn't engaged in unprotected sex during the sessions in question in an effort to justify his actions.

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