Brendan Fraser addresses Scorpion King's awful CGI in 'Mummy Returns'

The actor said that even the film's VFX artists knew the Scorpion King CGI was awful


Published: Fri 18 Nov 2022, 9:04 AM

Last updated: Fri 18 Nov 2022, 9:07 AM

Hollywood actor Brendan Fraser has finally addressed the abysmal visual effects that were used in The Mummy Returns to bring Dwayne Johnson's Scorpion King to life 21 years ago.

According to Variety, during a retrospective interview with GQ magazine, when discussing the 2001 sequel, the actor wasted no time in bringing up the maligned CGI of the film.

Fraser said that even the film's VFX artists knew the Scorpion King CGI was awful, and they warned Fraser about it on the film's red carpet premiere. "I never met Dwayne until after the premiere because he was a piece of tape on a stick that we referred to," Fraser said.

He continued, "Of course, they put him in CGI later. I know, I know. Be kind! The guys who did the CGI of the Scorpion King, [I saw them] at the premiere and they were like, 'Hey, how are you? We did the Scorpion King CGI. Yeah we needed a little more time. It was very last minute,'" according to Variety.

"Some of the charm of it now could get remastered I guess, but it wouldn't be as fun if you didn't see this janky video game character of Dwayne. It's somehow just perfect how it works," Fraser added.

As per Variety, apart from The Mummy Returns, Johnson and Fraser share another Warner Bros. project, Journey to the Center of the Earth. Fraser headlined the 2008 original, while Johnson took over as the star of the 2012 sequel Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.


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