UAE petrol prices fall in September: Here's how much it will cost to get a full tank

Costs have been slashed by up to 62 fils per litre

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By Web Desk

Published: Thu 1 Sep 2022, 11:01 AM

Last updated: Thu 1 Sep 2022, 11:21 AM

The UAE on Wednesday (August 31) announced the retail fuel prices for the month of September. The fuel price committee slashed the rates by 62 fils per litre in line with the drop in global rates.

This is the second consecutive month that the UAE has decreased the retail fuel prices. In August, the prices were slashed by 60 fils per litre.

Here are the latest petrol prices for September:

CategoryPrice per litre (September)Price per litre (August)Difference
Super 98 petrol3.414.03-62 fils
Special 95 petrol3.303.92-62 fils
E-plus 91 petrol3.223.84-62 fils

Depending on the type of vehicle you drive, getting a full tank of petrol in September will cost you between Dh31.62 and Dh45.88 less than it did in August.

Here is a breakdown of how much it would cost to get your vehicle fully fuelled up, as compared to last month.

Compact cars

Average fuel tank capacity: 51 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (September)Full tank cost (August)
Super 98 petrol173.91205.53
Special 95 petrol168.3199.92
E-plus 91 petrol164.22195.84


Average fuel tank capacity: 62 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (September)Full tank cost (August)
Super 98 petrol211.42249.86
Special 95 petrol204.6243.04
E-plus 91 petrol199.64238.08


Average fuel tank capacity: 74 litres

CategoryFull tank cost (September)Full tank cost (August)
Super 98 petrol252.34298.22
Special 95 petrol244.2290.08
E-plus 91 petrol238.28284.16


The Ministry of Energy adjusts fuel prices in the UAE in the last week of every month. According to the government, the UAE liberalised fuel prices to help rationalise consumption and encourage the use of public transport in the long run and incentivise the use of alternatives.

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