UAE: What to do during an earthquake; all you need to know

The country sees up to three minor earthquakes every year

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Published: Sun 14 Nov 2021, 6:29 PM

Last updated: Mon 4 Jul 2022, 9:58 AM

Minor earthquakes are not entirely uncommon in the UAE. Earlier this year, a seismological expert told Khaleej Times that the UAE sees up to three minor earthquakes every year.

While he assured residents they had nothing to worry about, the question remains: would you know what to do in case you do happen to experience one?

On Sunday, residents in the UAE reported feeling tremors after as many as eight earthquakes hit southern Iran on Saturday, ranging from a magnitude of 4.2 to 6.3.

The National Centre of Meteorology advises that in the event of an earthquake, one must remain calm and act both quickly and wisely to ensure safety.

Here's what to do in a quake emergency:

>> If indoors:

Protect your head and face with anything light but strong. Alternatively, hide under a strong table or bed.

Stay away from windows, book shelves, mirrors and hanging objects.

Once the impact of the earthquake is over, it is preferable to switch off the power supply and close sources of gas and water in the house before leaving.

Avoid stampeding towards exit points and do not use elevators.

>> If outdoors:

Stay away from towers and tall buildings as much as possible. Instead, head for the nearest open area. Watch out for volatile objects, stones and unstable walls — and do not try to enter buildings.

Stand apart from bridges, tunnels, power cords, high pressure pillars, light poles, trees and glass front areas of shops.

>> If in a car:

Stop at the nearest safe place and stay inside the car until the earthquake is over.

Stay away from bridges, road junctions, buildings, trees and power lines.

>> After the earthquake:

Do not try to light a fire before ensuring there is no gas leak.

Do not try to move the seriously injured unless they are in danger.

Do not pass through destroyed areas or drink water from unknown sources.

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