UAE cops honour expat for turning over lost cash

Ajman - My religion, Islam, forbids me from taking others' money or material things: Honoured expat

Photo: Ajman Police/Twitter
Photo: Ajman Police/Twitter

By Afkar Abdullah

Published: Sun 7 Feb 2021, 3:27 PM

Last updated: Sun 7 Feb 2021, 3:29 PM

The Ajman Police have honoured an Egyptian national, 41, for his honesty and upholding the tenets of Islam. The man had found a wad of currency notes in a parking lot of a commercial centre in the emirate and later handed it over to the Al Jurf police station authorities.

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Captain Faisal Al Matroushi, Director, Al Jurf Police station, said the Egyptian national, Mohamed Saeed Mohamed, had found the money in the parking lot of China Mall in Ajman.

Mohamed’s good turn was appreciated, and he was invited to the police station, where he was presented with a certificate. The police made him an example and asked the public to take a leaf out of his selfless act.

The police are reviewing the CCTV footage and efforts are underway to hand over the money to its rightful claimant.

“The Ajman Police are keen to highlight the roles of honest individuals, who handsomely contribute to society. The others must also follow suit,” said Al Matroushi.

Mohamed told Khaleej Times that it was his duty to return the money since it didn’t belong to him. He expressed his happiness for the honour conferred on him by the Ajman Police authorities.

“I found the cash lying on the ground in the parking lot of China Mall while I was walking towards my car. Immediately, a thought crossed my mind. The person, who would have dropped the money by mistake, must be in distress for the loss. Soon, I handed over the money to Al Jarf police station authorities,” he recounted.

“My religion, Islam, forbids me from taking others' money or material things,” he added.

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