Principal recalls distress after teen in UAE went missing

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Sharjah - 'Life is much bigger and better'.

By Staff Reporter

Published: Mon 25 Nov 2019, 5:56 PM

Life is not just about exams, and parents should love their children unconditionally whether they fail or succeed, a top educator has said. Vandana Marwah, principal of DPS Sharjah - where the boy who ran away from home, Ameya Santhosh, studies - said: "It was distressing for all of us at the school. The whole school only had his name on our lips and our thoughts were only with him. We all were hoping he would come back soon," Marwah told Khaleej Times.
Over 48 hours after he was reported missing, 15-year old Santosh, was reunited with his parents on Sunday.
Speaking about the academic pressure children are forced to bear, Marwah said: "Exams are just a small part of life. Life is much bigger and better and students have a long journey to make.
"Nothing should matter to parents than their children's happiness. The marks they score is not what defines them or their future.
"Parents should instil the confidence in their children that they will love them irrespective of their academic performance. We tell our parents that the only job they have is to create a positive atmosphere at home, especially during the exams. Rest, the schools will do," said Marwah.
She said many children live with the fear that their parents will stop loving them if they don't do well in exams. "That is wrong. We should not allow that fear to creep in. Schools are there to help with academics. Parents should focus on their kids' emotional well-being and happiness."

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