What next? Gear up for life after Grade 12 in Covid-19 era

Education experts in Dubai share with City Times a checklist to help students prepare for university admissions after colleges open for the new semester

By Mahima Ann Ninan

Published: Sat 9 May 2020, 12:07 PM

Last updated: Sat 9 May 2020, 2:12 PM

For any high schooler, the promise of a dreamy college life has always been the zenith of their teen existence. However, Covid-19 has dealt some tough blows to the conventional proms, graduation ceremonies, and memories of 'lasts' for the batch of 2020. City Times talked to some education consultants in the city to make sure you are prepared for the admission frenzy after the isolation period ends.
Keep track of deadlines: Sure, it may seem like the world has come to a stop, but universities still have fixed application procedures and deadlines in place, which you should keep track of by constantly checking the official websites, along with scholarship applications and mandatory English proficiency tests. Purity Murtiga, Programme Counselor at Uniserv Education, says, "At this point we are working hand in hand with our partner universities towards assisting students who need to submit proof of English language proficiency."
Update your CV: This is the perfect time to accumulate course-specific skills and help distinguish your admission profile amidst the bandwagon. "Use this time wisely and efficiently. There are a number of resources available online that can help build the skill sets and even assist to prepare for various entrance exams, along with online classes, and work-from-home internships", encouraged Pujan Mittal, Managing Director of International Placewell Consultants, Gulf.
Garner references: There's no better time to catch hold of the busy bees whose recommendations can land you the dream college and who might find the time now to pen down a good word for you. Make a list, ask around for their contacts and pester them till you get your character and academic references.
Draft your perfect SoP: The Statement of Purpose requires time, space and peace of mind to reflect what you specifically aim to achieve from the course, and this is the apt period to work on organising the chaos. State your dreams and supplement them with a logical plan, because clarity of action showcases an impressive prudence to a potential university.
Check out the city: It's wise to do a detailed study of the city and the college premises while you are at home. Sanjeev Verma, Director of Intelligent Partners, which is conducting a UAE Virtual Universities Fair on May 9, says, "Coronavirus has led many families to revisit their plans of sending their children overseas for higher education. The best alternative to this, rather than waste a year, is to explore possibilities offered by local universities since children can stay closer to their parents."
Stay motivated: The world has just taken a short time-out, and before you know it, it will be up and running like nothing ever changed. You will have a lot to accomplish then, which depends on the attitude you adopt now, and the decisions you make at this moment. So, choose wisely, stay positive, and stay focussed!

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