UAE: Students excited as they return to a new school year

Major school groups launch new institutions across the UAE

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Students return to the Indian High School Dubai on the first day of school reopening. — Photo by Shihab
Students return to the Indian High School Dubai on the first day of school reopening. — Photo by Shihab

Nandini Sircar

Published: Mon 29 Aug 2022, 9:10 PM

Last updated: Mon 29 Aug 2022, 9:49 PM

Students in Dubai schools seemed jubilant as they returned to their schools after a two-month summer break.

Pupils clicked pictures with their friends against funny welcome back props and in decorative photo booths and enthusiastically shared how they had a good time over the holidays.

Many students shared their travel experiences and others were introduced to their class buddies. Students expressed that while waking up early after the holidays seemed a bit challenging, the vibe of the school and the thought of entering a senior class made the school inviting.

Bertie, a Year-7 student at Brighton College Dubai said: “I was looking forward to seeing my friends and excited about moving up to Senior School. It makes you feel suddenly older and more responsible.”

Hala, Year-7 student at Reach British School, said: “I have been in this school since my Primary years, and I am very excited to start my learning journey in Secondary this time. I am looking forward to learning, making new friends and meeting my amazing new teachers.”

Some thought the summer holidays always added a pause and it requires a jump start to get into the routine again.

Grade-8 student at Amity School Dubai, Taneesha Sudheer, said: “It feels like the summer holidays flew by. It was overwhelming to get back at first, but it’s been a great day. It’s always good to be around teachers and classmates.”

For some, meeting their classmates again made them really happy as they missed their friends. Ruby, a Year-6 student at Brighton College Dubai, was one among them. “I was excited to see my friends and looking forward to making some new friends too.”

At Indian curriculum schools, it was the beginning of a new term. For senior students, their term exams are not too far away.

Grade-9 student at Amity school Dubai, Karen Johnson said: “It’s exciting to get back to the routine again. Our exams are coming up so it’s going to be a busy time. I have really enjoyed seeing everyone again, we did several Zoom calls over the holidays, but it cannot compare to interacting with friends and classmates in person.”

New schools open

Meanwhile, some major school groups launched new institutions across the UAE on Monday.

Alan Williamson, CEO Taaleem, said: “The summer has been an incredibly busy time as we are opening eight new schools today. We have enrolled a record number of 7,000 new students into our family of schools and for the first time we are opening schools in the Northern Emirates.”


He adds: “As we welcome 27,000 students across our 26 campuses there is a huge buzz of excitement and positive anticipation for the year ahead. We hope that our parents and pupils will be delighted at the improvements and investments that we’ve made during the summer to our campuses. On the back of recent record examination results we look forward to another very successful year of individual and collective achievements.”

Head teachers also explain that calmness and kindness to help establish routines and relationships is critical, especially during the start of a new school year.

Simon Crane, headmaster, Brighton College Dubai, opined: “Expectations will be created with our pupils to promote a sense of ownership. Teachers have been busy preparing exciting lessons with a focus on getting to know each other. Meticulous planning has led to a very successful first day. Pupils are really enjoying the college and have already made some new friends. We invest large amounts of time before the school gates open to ensure all teachers know each pupil individually.”

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