UAE: Hospitals offer free checkups for students, teachers going back to school

Several medical facilities also offer children special packages, discounts before beginning of fall classes

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Ashwani Kumar

Published: Fri 19 Aug 2022, 2:50 PM

Last updated: Fri 19 Aug 2022, 3:02 PM

Some private hospitals in Abu Dhabi are offering complimentary general health checkups for students ahead of school reopening on August 29.

Millennium Hospital in Mussafah’s Shabiya 9 – an area dotted with educational institutions - and LLH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi City and industrial area are providing free of charge comprehensive medical care, and several other healthcare facilities are giving up to 50 per cent discount on consultation fees.

Dr Fahad Farouk, a specialist paediatrician at Millennium Hospital, underlined that a month-long free checkup is offered to students from preschool to Grade 12 in all the schools in Abu Dhabi from Friday.

“We wish to ensure that children are in the best shape as they return to school. We will check vital signs like temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, height, weight and any health issues, their growth and development parameters etc.,” Dr Farouk said about the hospital’s ‘Ready to Go’ campaign.

Dr Farouk noted that blood tests would be done to ascertain vitamin D and haemoglobin levels.

“With the pandemic situation and scorching summer heat, children continued to stay indoors. Since they have zero exposure to the sun, they may lack vitamin D.”

A haemoglobin test will be done to check for iron deficiency, which may result in fewer red blood cells leading to issues like anaemia.

“Haemoglobin levels are associated with cognition and intelligence quotient. If there is a low haemoglobin level, we know there is a deficiency of iron, and it can affect the development of a child.”

Apart from a paediatrician, optometrists and dentists will also be at service in Millennium Hospital.

“An eye exam will be done, mainly a refraction test. With students glued to their gadgets, mainly mobile phones, we are seeing a rise in vision-related problems. If there is any issue, children will be referred to an ophthalmologist. A dental checkup is a must as while staying indoors they have been consuming mostly sweets, chocolates etc. And we will look into the obesity problem too. With no outdoor activity, weight gain is an issue among children. We will emphasise the need for physical activity and a nutritious diet,” Dr Farouk said and noted that students need to show their school identity card during registration. To book appointments call +971 26113333 (9am to 9pm).

Health checkups for teachers too

LLH Hospitals in Abu Dhabi and Mussafah and LLH Medical Center in Shabiya 9 are not just catering to students but also extending free checkups to teachers.

“We wish to have a healthy academic year. Prevention is better than cure. We don’t want any children to take any sick leaves now. So, we will ensure their general well-being to return to school,” said Dr Ranjitha Sasilekha, head of department and specialist paediatrician at LLH Hospital, Abu Dhabi.

Experts will check BMI ratio, vital signs, and audiometry tests to check the ability to hear sounds. Dental and vision tests will be done as per requirement.

“This is for students from all grades in Abu Dhabi. We are happy to offer this service to students and get them ready for school,” Dr Sasilekha said about the campaign: ‘Back to School’, which will run till September 15.

For teachers, there will be a free consultation with a general practitioner, tests for blood sugar, cholesterol, uric acid and thyroid.

LLH Hospital hosted heads of school for the launch of the campaign, and also reached out to different associations and community groups to spread the word on the importance of medical screening.

“We also wish to create awareness about the need for taking Covid-19 vaccines for children who haven’t taken the jab so far,” added Dr Sasilekha.


Students and teachers can walk in or book an appointment by calling 80055 or WhatsApp to 0565254554 (7 am to 10 pm).

Separately, Burjeel Hospitals in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah are offering special packages and offers for students till August 31.

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