UAE: CBSE schools balancing two batches in Grades 10, 12 at the same time

Teachers and academic staff are managing time between the two sets of incoming and outgoing students by altering timetables


Nandini Sircar

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Published: Mon 18 Apr 2022, 4:28 PM

Head teachers in the UAE are reporting a collision of batches in Grades 10 and 12. The batch supposed to graduate this year is conflicting with the batch that has just entered.

Like last year, teachers and academic staff are managing time between the two sets of incoming and outgoing students by altering timetables or squeezing in study time during any available free periods.

K George Mathew, Principal/CEO, GEMS United Indian School – Abu Dhabi said, “Teachers support two batches (incoming and outgoing) of Grade 10 and two of Grade 12. We are scheduling classes at the same time for both batches for about a month, which has challenged the solution fluency of school leaders."

He says that they have coped with the situation by running a hybrid model for students of both batches. "Flipped learning, online and face-to-face sessions, bespoke assignments marked, and feedback for improvement given in good time are some of the strategies in operation,” he adds.

Abhilasha Singh, Principal, Shining Star International, Abu Dhabi, says, “last year as well we faced a similar situation. As a school it’s our responsibility to support our children throughout. Outgoing Grade X and XII students will start their study leave soon. But online support will always be there."

"Though, space and time becomes a challenge, but we manage it to the best of our abilities by tweaking timetables to support both the batches. Students who require more support, especially for them, this delay in the commencement of board exams this year, has been a boon, getting some extra time for better preparation.”

Some schools in the UAE who offer more than one board to its students are experiencing a different set of difficulties.

But institutions explain the outgoing batch of students will continue to be in touch with the school and the communication lines will be open until even after the exams conclude.

Annie Mathew, Principal of Gulf Model School, Dubai, says, “In our school, challenges are manifold as we cater to two different curricula-CBSE and Kerala boards -but we have adapted and innovated so that all school communities benefit to the maximum. This year we have our outgoing batches of grade 10 and 12 staying with us for a longer time and at the same time the incoming batches have started their classes.”

She adds, “with the CBSE exams fast approaching, we are providing support classes to those students of the outgoing batch who need the extra help. Any student may approach teachers if they need any input pertaining to the board exams. With all classrooms occupied and with a record number of new admissions this year, there’s a space crunch which we have overcome by making utmost and apt use of library, laboratories etc.


Our teachers are available online after school hours for the outgoing batch of students for clearing their doubts, for correcting solved question papers or whatever other needs the students may have. Our school counselors are available to support students who undergo exam anxiety or feel undue stress.”

Thus, schools say they are regularly conducting classes to revise the syllabus, clear doubts and to giving sufficient practice for the board students.

Deepika Thapar Singh, CEO-Principal, Credence High School, opines, “the biggest challenge is making the teachers available for both the batches. But we have a good student teacher ratio and with careful and meticulous planning we are able to provide proper guidance and support for both the batches.”

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