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Studentspeak: Should students use social media?

Students from various schools in the UAE share their opinion on social media.

Published: Tue 16 Jun 2015, 11:26 PM

Last updated: Wed 8 Jul 2015, 2:51 PM

Mohit Talreja, The Millennium School, Dubai

According to me, social media is a necessary evil. With the help of social media, I am connected with my friends and grandparents residing outside the UAE. Furthermore, since I have liked Khaleej Times on Facebook, I get the latest news updates. However, students who use social media tend to get distracted from their scholastic areas and lose concentration in studies. Chatting and gossiping with friends wastes our valuable time that can otherwise be spent in a much better way with our family and friends. This virtual world of social media takes us away from our real world.

Sana Gulroz, Progressive English School, Sharjah

I believe social media is not like what many people think it is. It has today become one of the most influential and fastest means of communication. Over the years social media has evolved from being a mere social platform where people could stay connected with their friends, family or relatives to a platform where people do real business, in addition to making connections. Social media, if used in the right way and right amount, can help students achieve many things which can assist them in every stage.

Ameesha Gireesh,The Indian High School, Dubai

As technology advances our lifestyle also undergoes a change. Nowadays, people rely on social media to connect with people, instead of direct contact with each other. As a student, I think that social media has both positive and negative impacts. It seems to me that the only positive impact social media has, is that, it helps us to connect with different people at any time. Comparatively, social media has more negative impacts. It not only kills time, but also kills our critical thinking. People get addicted due the excess usage. Nowadays, while studying we have all our gadgets right next to us, which diverts our time from studying.

Nazmi Inaas, The Indian High School, Dubai

I feel that students shouldn’t be using social media since it is a major distraction from their studies and they often get addicted to it. Children who use social media are at a high risk of being cyber bullied that can hurt the morale and confidence of your child. Overall, social media is a great tool to keep in touch with friends and family but it has its negative points too.

Kalyani Ajith, The Indian High School, Dubai

Nowadays, with the smartphone revolution, the usage of social media has shot up. As usual students are prone to getingt addicted and can even fall prey to cybercrimes. This would affect their studies and mental balance. In my point of view, as social media is a good platform to express one’s thoughts and improve one’s communication skills, students can also enjoy the advantages with appropriate parental guidance.

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