Parents happy about security measures in UAE schools

Parents happy about security measures  in UAE schools

Dubai - As many as 52 per cent of the parents cited bullying as their top concern

By Staff Reporter

Published: Sun 23 Oct 2016, 1:40 PM

Last updated: Sun 23 Oct 2016, 11:06 PM

 Despite parents being happy with the security measures being carried out at schools, bullying still remains a major concern for parents here.
Axis Communications recently conducted its biennial UAE School Safety Survey amongst parents, according to which 92 per cent of the respondents are satisfied with the current security measures in schools. However 75 per cent of the respondents would like to see more investments in safety and security measures such as surveillance, access controls, advanced fire detection systems and security guards.
As many as 52 per cent of the parents cited bullying as their top concern, while 42 per cent respondents cited playground risks as their second concern followed by external and internal violence, at 37 per cent each.
Marwan Khoury, regional marketing manager for Axis Communications, said: "Axis has been working with the education sector here in the UAE and around the world, and we continue to work towards the safety of the children as well as the school staff. Our learnings enable us to constantly keep the school staff updated on the latest technologies for the institution as well as its application to safeguard children. Our objective is to provide an additional level of peace of mind to parents."
Axis Communications had first conducted the survey in 2014, in which 92 per cent of responding parents had backed implementing video surveillance as a means to keep children safe. Since then, there is a 5 per cent increase in the number, with 97 per cent parents backing video surveillance at key points to keep an eye on children as well as to speed up response time in case of emergencies.
Among the respondents, 82 per cent said they were aware of the presence of security guards and 58 per cent experienced entry control access in and out of the school premises. On their children's school premises, 42 per cent of the parents had personally noticed surveillance cameras being used.
The survey revealed that 90 per cent of the parents strongly feel the implementation of video surveillance will make them feel secure about their children at school and 75 per cent believe that surveillance cameras managed by the school do not infringe privacy.
Of the respondents, over 85 per cent have children aged 3-15 in schools and over 50 per cent have lived in the UAE for more than eight years.

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