New UAE weekend: 5 models schools could follow from 2022

The academic week will be reduced across UAE schools from the new year

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Published: Thu 23 Dec 2021, 12:02 PM

When schools across the UAE reopen after the winter break on January 3, 2022, pupils and staff will follow a new academic week.

Their Friday-Saturday weekend would change, with Friday half-day, Saturday and Sunday forming the new weekend. Friday classes would need to end before 12pm.

In Sharjah, pupils and academic staff will have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off.

This means that the academic week will be reduced across UAE schools from the new year. To make up for the loss, education regulators have specified different models that schools could follow:

1. Increase daily timings

In Sharjah, schools can increase the length of the school day and modify their study schedules and class duration as they see fit. In Dubai, flexibility is allowed when it comes to timings to ensure that schools are able to meet their curriculum requirements. Schools are required to inform the KHDA about their updated operating hours.

2. Early start or late finish to the school day

In Dubai, schools can start the classes earlier or end them later than the current timings, provided they consult with parents.

3. Online classes after school hours

In Sharjah, schools can hold a maximum of three hours of e-classes per week. This means that pupils can be asked to login after school hours.

4. Extend academic year by a week

In Sharjah, schools can add a maximum of seven days to the academic year. Schools could remain open for an additional week before the summer vacation commences.

5. Flipped learning model

This helps teachers prioritise active learning during class time by assigning students lecture materials and presentations to be viewed at home or outside of class.

(Source: KT reports, Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Sharjah Private Education Authority)


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