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Australian minister announces scholarships, fellowships for Indian students

The programmes will allow pupils from India to study in Australia without worrying about the cost


Published: Sat 12 Feb 2022, 10:21 AM

Australian Trade Minister Dan Tehan on Saturday said that ‘Maitri’ initiatives announced by Canberra for India are equivalent to Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships and cultural exchange programs between the two countries.

In an exclusive interaction with ANI, Tehan said that this fantastic initiative will increase and improve ties further between Australia and India.

“... the first two are scholarships Fulbright and Rhodes scholarships are 45 for graduate students and undergraduate students. So you get all your education paid for, stipend to help with your living costs.”

The minister said there is also an investment in fellowships, 11 fellowships for high-level doctoral students will also get a stipend is equivalent to Rhodes and Fulbright scholarships.

“There’s a cultural exchange programme to improve cultural exchange between Australia and India. So these are fantastic initiatives to help continue to improve the wonderful relationship.”

Tehan said the scholarships will enable Indian students to go to Australia and not have to worry about the cost.

“All they’ll have to worry about is their study. So this is designed to get those high performing students to go to Australia and improve their education to levels of excellence, which then may now be able to come back to India and excel in India, and also help build the relationship between Australia and India,” he said.

About further initiatives and announcements in the next 30 days, he said, “We’re always looking at ways, how we can enhance the relationship. So this USD 15 million for the students to come to Australia is just one part of what we’re doing in these the cultural exchange that we’re also funding. But there will be many, many more announcements, including I hope in the next 30 days. An announcement on a free trade agreement. between Australia and India.”


Earlier today, Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne announced the ‘Maitri’ Scholars Program under which it will provide over USD 11 million for four years to support Indian students to study in Australia’s world-leading universities.

During the joint presser, the Australian Foreign Minister also announced a series of new initiatives to boost the education and cultural ties between Australia and India.

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