AI to help students recognise their skills

AI to help students recognise their skills

Dubai - The TrainingCalendar platform will tell visitors which job is more relevant to them.


Kelly Clarke

Published: Tue 16 Jan 2018, 10:27 PM

Last updated: Wed 17 Jan 2018, 8:31 AM

University students in the UAE can now use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help them successfully transition into the working world.
Using a built-in AI powered skills gap analysis software, an online platform, will tell students what skills they need to build on to pursue their chosen career path.
"One of the biggest target groups for TrainingCalendar is university students who are about to enter the workspace. If you want to be a CEO it will tell you what it takes to become a CEO and it will identify, through data input, if you have those skill-sets in place," Peer Mohaideen Sait, founder and CEO, Black Cube Solutions (the startup behind the launch), told Khaleej Times.
Partnered with more than 80 global online training providers, the platform will also suggest what training a person requires to fit a certain job role, with discounts on such courses also available. "One of the biggest challenges globally is skills development. What we aim to do is help people identify their skill-sets as well as their skills gaps."
Through manually inputting data which is then analysed through AI, the TrainingCalendar platform will tell a visitor which job is more relevant to them, using a percentage match indicator.
Partnered with six executive education providers including Harvard University in the United States, universities can also utilise the platform by posting details of a particular curriculum or course online.
The AI-powered software will then tell the user what the skills outcome of that course/curriculum will be and what jobs graduates can apply for. Additionally, the platform will tell you where you can study the course too. "And for students already enrolled in the course they can add these skills sets into his/her profile and subsequently it will give them a chance to see what available jobs roles are currently on the market or what titles they can apply for in the future," Sait said.
With new specialty courses being introduced to universities at an exponential rate due to the ever-changing work roles in today's market, Sait said lots of people question what career path they should take and what university course will get them there.
"They want a clear idea from the outset of what to do and which area to focus on, so our platform will help answer these questions."
For final year medical student Abdullah Nazem Asreb, his next step is to figure out what specialty he wants to practise after graduating. For him, such a platform is a valuable.
"I can either chose a job based on my current skills and qualifications or chose my preferred area of expertise and then gauge what further skills-sets I need."
This is the world's first complete platform for skills development for university students, graduates and working professionals powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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