A must-visit event for students

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A must-visit event for students

Interview with John Williamson, Executive Director of Linden Educational Services:

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Published: Mon 25 Sep 2017, 12:52 PM

Last updated: Mon 25 Sep 2017, 2:53 PM

1. What information does Linden Tours provide to students as they make a decision for higher education?

During our events, Linden has numerous professional staff members who fly in from the U.S. to answer questions for students & parents.   Our families are also able to meet with genuine representatives from each University's office (not agents acting as representatives), which makes the event unique, but also highly informative.  The Linden staff members each possess a minimum of 25 years in University advising, and will be speaking to parents and students freely throughout the entire event so there will be no questions unanswered.

2. What can students expect from the education fair on October 14th?

Harvard, Duke, UC Berkeley, Minnesota Twin Cities, Creighton, Marist and many more Universities will be at the Linden Fair on October 14th.   Because it is rare to have such an extraordinary University line-up, we expect a high level of students and parents to attend the event.  EducationUSA and AmidEast will be there to guide students, as well as the US Embassy & Consulate. U.S. Visa officers will staff a table as well as respond to all requests from all students and parents.  Likewise, the event will have a series of important seminars prior to the Education Fair with informative presentations given by University representatives and the US Visa office.  It will be an exciting set of events with some of America's most exciting schools, as well plenty of advisors there to help each and every family individually.  No Fair will equal this in the Gulf region until Linden returns next year.

3. Are education fairs by Linden Tours open to the public or must student registration go through schools?

Linden events are always free and open to the public. Students may pre-register before the event so they can avoid any lines at the entry to the Education Fair. Students can register at: www.LindenFairs.com

4. Do you assist students with SAT, ACT, TOEFL, and other testing requirements?

Linden has a robust information section for students on our website: LindenTours.com. Our Student Resources component is one of the most viewed parts of our website, as students, parents, and counselors alike use it for information on testing requirements, financing your studies, visa matters, advising, and how to best select a University.

5. Do you provide visa assistance to students?

We know it is truly important to meet campus based representatives, because we understand your goal is to find the best 'fit' for your studies. These representatives work on their respective campuses so they know how your education and career goals would be best met on that particular campus. Since all Universities are unique, having a representative, (and not an agent), makes our seminars, fairs, and events much more gratifying for our attendees. It is with this collection of knowledge and personal interaction that our students find a University where they will be both happy and highly successful.

6. Do you help students explore scholarship and other financing options?

Though we have a large section about this on our website which students can use when we are not in the region, indeed we have numerous professionals at the event to work with students. These professionals are not only from the Linden office in the US, but also from local agencies and bureaus such as the US Consulate, EducationUSA, and AmidEast. Likewise, the University representatives are highly versed in Scholarships that their University offers, as well as financing options for students.

7. How many local and expatriate students have you helped place in U.S. universities in the past years?

We have over 35 years of coming to the Gulf and have helped over 1,255,000 students with their educational dreams. We are proud of what we have been able to accomplish, and look forward to serving students from the Gulf region for many more years.

Another way we serve families is through our placement service: Arlen Global Advisors (ArlenAdvisors.com). Arlen Advisors is another Linden company which works with families on an individual basis to help them find the perfect University for their children. Through a series of discussions, interviews, and reviews, Arlen Advisors works to find the driving force within students. We are keen to understand their needs, as well as their goals and ambitions, and thus hand-selecting Universities where the students will succeed. Arlen Advisors continuously visits University (and Boarding School) campuses to inspect facilities, learn about new programming, meet with administrators, sit in on classes, and discuss teaching methods and student learning styles with faculty members. From royalty, to ambassadors, to the global business elite, Arlen Advisors works with only a small amount of families annually to ensure their pinpointed success. Arlen Advisors will also be at the Fair should families need additional advice and guidance in the University selection process.

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