5 things to know for working professionals before making education investments


5 things to know for working professionals before making education investments

A counsellor can do it for you, but can you be sure he/she will push very hard for you?

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Published: Tue 17 Nov 2015, 11:06 AM

Last updated: Tue 17 Nov 2015, 6:52 PM

The idea of winning a "Higher Education Certificate" to make us call "Highly qualified professionals" is everyone's own cuts across all boundaries and is a universal aspiration as well. Unfortunately, also universal are the pitfalls that arise when choosing educational institute and thus there are many precautions to be considered before breaking all your monthly budget to adjust educational budget and going all into opting the "Dream Qualification".
Doing your homework carefully before making that investment saves much hassle later. Once the admission process is completed and out of your hands completely, there isn't much you can do.
Education Institutions in Abroad Countries matter a lot when we talk about Higher Education Programmes. The latest information from the desk of International Institute of Management and Technical Studies based in India which reserves Fourth position among all as the most preferred Autonomous Institute for e-learning in India, revealed few facts to be considered while opting for Courses.
Here are five things to be considered while choosing correct education institute.
1. Study the alumni references
You can search for alumni's information online also a correct counsellor will help you in providing references of passed out professional, check reviews and speak with existing students who may know & had lived the quality of services, understood the credibility of institute and progress statistics. Institute with availability of local branches are usually preferred by new candidates and likely to be considered easy to reach, so make sure to check this before finalizing the institute.
If time & location boundaries are something you cannot decide, make a list of 100% online facility providing institutes. If there aren't any in the proximity, find out who can provide you even in long distance.
Interact with any local existing student, if possible, to learn about the service qualities in the long distance, examination methodology, and other pros and cons. Also visit the local branch if available. 
In an exclusive interview with Mr. Manoj R Thakkar, Head of IIMT STUDIES, India, he mentioned his every enquiry is treated premium. They offer references of those who are pursuing professional courses from the Institute. "We satisfy our enquiries well before they turn into the enrolments" he mentioned.
2. Consider your investment
This may sound like a given, but considering your budget before you invest in "learning institute to earn higher qualification" means that you must try to invest in institute where you are getting high credentials, higher values & high recognition now, not with the cheapest one where no recognition, no credential & no value come in existence only cost reduction is something which you can earn.
If you are stuck with a bad investment in an ordinary institute, or need to switch quickly, you might end up losing money & time. Also, know that earning a higher qualification means that you might have to invest a little more than what you had reserved, so follow the bottom line carefully which includes evaluating validity throughout the globe.
You don't have to take decision immediately. If you rush and invest without crosschecking  into the institute portraying non-genuine information (ex - "We provide AICTE approved degrees via online mode" - Which is not possible under govt. rules & regulations), it might create a substantial hole in your professional image. Also make sure to check flexible paying option such as EMI, Scholarship etc., said the International Manager, Ms. Priyanka Gupta, International Institute of Management and Technical Studies.
A counsellor can do it for you, but can you be sure he/she will push very hard for you?
Check trends in the corporate and learn if appreciation may be expected so as to invest wisely, and ensure you chose correct course only at the time your budget truly allows you to, or that delightful education may well turn out to be a bit of a nightmare.
3. Experience counts
IIMT STUDIES strongly recommends to count total working experience while sharing your basic details with counsellor as it may fledge you with other additional benefits such as "E-Classroom and Fast Track Feature". While you should not rely on the advice of everybody who is suddenly interested since you are opting for the higher education now, it matters that you seek opinions of existing candidate or those who successfully completed the higher education and now taking fledge of its recognition. They mentioned, they maintain their course qualifying criteria i.e. Two years on their website www.iimtstudies.edu.in / www.iimtgroup.ac.in along with the course details.
4. Risk
Make sure to invest more than money in understanding the risk involved in availing higher education from international institutions. Invest time and effort in understanding if you are going with a reputed brand with a record of timely service delivery, and if not, then how secure your future is and by whom it is recommended, has to be figured out.
Valuation risks must also be addressed so you don't end up wasting time & money which will not be giving you value in coming future but deteriorate your image on being associated with such poor name. Be aware that professionals advice (HR) can be availed. The Head HR of Alam Group, Abu Dhabi, Mr Aakash Thakur mentions about IIMT STUDIES, "the best institute for professional retail courses". The institute also possess high calibre for offering HSE, Safety, Petroleum programmes and many other courses related to working professionals. Dr.V.P.Rajkumar, Head - Human Resources I Administration I CSR & Member - Executive Mgt. Team, APM Terminals Pipavav, India, (The Maersk Group) mentioned about the Institute, "IIMT'S Distance Learning programs for working professionals provide an effective alternative path to wider opportunities in education and especially in higher education for working professionals. E-Learning & Distance learning is the future and IIMT has rightly positioned itself to deliver the best-in class programmes and lit the light in the life of many working professionals aspiring to grow and succeed in the career. I am sure IIMT will reach a hallmark of being one of the best in this space very soon."
Valuation risk is lowered if you have considered comparative analysis between the institute you have selected and other which offer similar options.
5. The little things
Is the panel of board members of institute includes renowned personalities?
Is your selected course is having enough corporate demand oriented contents?
Do you have enough flexibility in your offerings so that you can maintain your work & professional life balance?
Is attestation facility available?
Are you okay with the time it will take to reach the completion stage or "Fast Track Feature" is available for you?
What about examination flexibilities?
Does study material belong to international authors?
There are hundreds of other little things those you may not have considered before enrolment and you will feel the pinch later, once you enrol and start availing services and doing study.
Here's IIMT STUDIES hoping students take the time to make a successful selection of institute and that you've thought with your mind along with your heart before concluding the admission. Institute has been ranked the best institute among all for offering the Fast Track Feature in all their programmes series starting from Diploma level till Masters in all Management and Engineering Streams. Institutional Head mentioned "The Gulf region, especially UAE, Kuwait and Qatar has the wide scope and the professional's group of working professionals who are showing great interest for online courses. They are not nationality limited to Indians. Many other nationalities like Egyptians, Ghanaians, Americans and many other nationalities are also taking high interest pursuing courses from our institute. We have enrolled more than 1000 professionals from more than 30 countries across the world. The Education market in the world is trying to adopt the technology as fast as sunrays. Some or the other way, the technology is eating traditional approach of learning and converting the opportunities into wire mode."

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