Thirty-three of the gravest sins forbidden by Islam

THE blessed month of Zul Hijjah signals the departure of the 1425th Islamic year. With every year that passes by, it seems as though Islamic knowledge is diminishing with the loss of pious scholars. As a result, the common Muslim makes poor Islamic choices; decisions that seem trivial to him/her, but are grave in the sight of Allah. With this in mind, I am taking this opportunity to remind us of a very important work, the famous book, Al-Kabair (The Major Sins).

By Abid Ishaq

Published: Fri 28 Jan 2005, 11:36 AM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 6:43 PM

From this book, I will list 33 of the gravest sins in Islam with their proof from the Quran and Hadith:

1. Associating partners with Allah (shirk): This includes the great ‘shirk’ and the small ‘shirk’. Great shirk constitutes worshipping beings other than Allah (evidence is available across the Quran). Hypocrisy is known as small ‘shirk’ (also known as Riya). The Prophet said, "Should I not inform you of that which I fear for you even more than the dangers of Dajjal? It is the hidden ‘shirk’: A person stands to pray and he beautifies his prayer because he feels the people looking at him". (Sahih; Sunan ibn Majah)

2. Committing murder: (Quran, 25: 68)

3. Performing sorcery (Quran, 2: 102)

4. Not performing the prayers (Quran, 19: 59)

5. Withholding the Zakat (Charity) (Quran, 3: 180)

6. Breaking the fast of Ramadan or not fasting in that month without a valid excuse. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Islam is built upon five pillars: testifying that there is no true god except Allah and that Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the messenger of Allah, performing the prayers, paying the zakat, Haj (the pilgrimage to Makkah), and fasting during the month of Ramadan" (Sahih al-Jami # 2837).

7. Not performing the pilgrimage when one has the ability to do so (above hadith).

8. Disobeying one’s parents (Quran, 17: 23) 9. Cutting off the ties of relationships (Quran, 47: 22).

10. Committing adultery or fornication (Quran, 17: 30).

11. Committing sodomy. The Prophet said, "Allah will not look at a person (with pleasure) who commits sodomy with a man or a woman" (Sahih al-Jami # 7678).

12. Taking or paying interest (Quran, 2: 275).

13. Devouring the wealth of orphans (Quran, 4:10)

14. Forging statements concerning Allah or forging Hadith (Quran, 39: 60)

15. Fleeing from jihad (battle in the cause of Allah) (Quran, 8: 16).

16. Wrongdoing, deception or oppression on the part of the ruler (Quran, 26: 42).

17. Being arrogant, boastful and vain (Quran, 16: 23).

18. Giving false testimony (Quran, 25: 72).

19. Drinking alcoholic beverages (Quran, 5: 90).

20. Gambling (Quran, 5: 90)

21. Slander against women (casting aspersions on their character) (Quran, 24: 23)

22. Misappropriating something from the booty (Quran, 3: 161).

23. Stealing (Quran, 5: 38)

24. Robbery (Quran, 5: 33).

25. Making false oath Prophet said, "If someone is ordered to take an oath and he takes a false oath in order to take possession of property of a Muslim, then he will incur Allah’s wrath when he meets Him" (Sahih al-Jami # 6083)

26. Committing oppression (Quran, 26: 277)

27. Levying illegal taxes. The Prophet said, "Do you know who the bankrupt is? The bankrupt form my nation is the one who appears on the Day of Resurrection having performed the prayers, fasted and paid the zakat, but had also abused that person, slandered that person, wrongfully taken the wealth of that person and spilled the blood of that person. These people will take from his good deeds. If his good deeds are thereby exhausted, he will be given their sins and then he will be thrown into the hell-fire" (Sahih al-Jami #87).

28. Consuming forbidden wealth or taking it by any means (Quran, 2: 188)

29. Committing suicide (Quran, 4: 29)

30. Being a perpetual liar (Quran, 3: 61)

31. Ruling by laws other than the laws of Islam (Quran, 5: 44)

32. Engaging in bribery (Quran, 2: 188)

33. Women appearing like men and vice-versa. The Prophet said, "Allah’s curse is upon women who appear like men and upon men who appear like women" (Sahih al-Jami # 4976)

Dear readers! Next week we will discuss these major sins in detail and see what we can do to deal with them.

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