DXB set for a busy season and record travellers

Dubai has a welcoming attitude and the passenger experience has been top class with upgrades happening constantly.

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Published: Wed 17 Aug 2022, 9:53 PM

Summer’s end sees activity in all sectors of the economy picking up, and Dubai is preparing to receive millions of people. Action begins with the Asia Cup T20 cricket at the end of the month for which fans from the five participating countries are expected to turn up in large numbers.

South Asia is an important market for Dubai with its bustling airport that connects the east and west, north and south. It like no other airport in the world. People are also returning from vacation and DXB gets busier than usual. Dubai has a welcoming attitude and the passenger experience has been top class with upgrades happening constantly.

The city also hosts a series of trade fairs all the way till March next year. Nothing compares to the city that mixes business with pleasure. With the big daddy of sporting events, the football World Cup being held in neighbouring Qatar in November, DXB is set to make the best use of its world-class connectivity that brings people together for work, leisure or transit.

Before the pandemic struck the world in 2020, the city was a beehive of activity with fairs and festivals and multiple attractions to visit. It was luring people from all over the world in record numbers. It had an exceptional airline in Emirates; the airport was futuristic and was preparing to receive more people.

But when the pandemic hit, the world came to a stop, but the city’s resilience helped see it through some tough times. Dubai’s leadership, meanwhile, worked on a turnaround strategy to be up and running at the earliest when the coronavirus waves ebbed. This city’s resilience was the key factor when the chips were down.

When the UAE’s vaccination drive was rolled out in late 2020, Dubai became the first global city to reopen to global travellers after the pandemic. With the worst now over, DXB is spreading its wings again and hopes to reach pre-pandemic levels of growth by next year.

Paul Griffiths, the CEO of Dubai Airports said it is well set to receive more than 7 million passengers a month and 77.8 million passengers in 2023. Traffic is already up 160 per cent when compared to the same period last year.

There’s new confidence in DXB that delivers nothing but the best for the modern traveller while often exceeding expectations.

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