UAE among top three 'Strongest Nation Brands'

UAE among top three Strongest Nation Brands

The report listed UAE's brand value at $403 billion, and gave it a AAA brand rating.

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Published: Sun 1 Nov 2015, 5:15 PM

Last updated: Mon 2 Nov 2015, 1:42 AM

The UAE has emerged as the third strongest nation brand, and its emirates now share the traits the world's leading cities are lauded for.

In a report released by Brand Finance titled 'Nation Brands 2015', Singapore sits at the top spot in the list of 'Top 10 Strongest Nation Brands', and is followed by Switzerland and UAE.

The only other GCC state to make the list is Qatar, which is placed 9th.

"By developing a clear vision for their brands, backed by determination and heavy investment, many of the Gulf states have followed Singapore's lead. The cities of the UAE and Qatar were relatively unheralded until two decades ago but Dubai, Abu Dhabi and increasingly Doha now share many of the traits Singapore is lauded for," the report said.

The report listed UAE's brand value at $403 billion, and gave it a AAA brand rating.

The report cited development of the UAE as a transportation hub, its modern airports, and a trouble-free environment despite turmoil as reasons for the country making the list.

"They are international transportation hubs with large, modern airports, that serve as the base world leading airlines; Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airlines. These act as flag carriers for their national and sub-national brands, just as Singapore Airlines and Changi Airport have been so crucial to Singapore's image," the report said.

"There is no doubt that Dubai, Abu Dhabi and increasingly Doha have vast appeal for investors, highly skilled expatriate workers and tourists from Europe, Asia and the Middle East," the report added.

A favourable tax regime has made the UAE a popular hub for investors from all over the world, while booming tourism has opened up other streams of income for the country, the report mentioned.

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