Dubai Garden Glow: A stunning winter delight

Filed on December 23, 2019

Celebrate the festive season with your family with latest attractions

With winter holidays beginning, there is no better time to spend with your family, enjoying the lovely weather. The ideal place to spend the winter holidays is Dubai Garden Glow, a magical park filled with lights, attractions, illusions and more, designed to enthral family members of all ages.

Dubai Garden Glow contains five theme parks within its borders; the Glow Park, the Dinosaur Park, the Ice Park, the Art Park, and their latest attraction, the Magic Park.

The Glow Park is lovely for those Instagram-worthy moments, as the entire arena is made with handmade lights, providing some stunning shots of large, well-lit ornaments designed to wow any guest. Over 10 million LED lights have been used in the Glow Park, and there are hundreds of glowing sets scattered throughout the park. Enjoy a lovely evening walk with your family and bathe in the glow of some stunning pieces, from enormous swans to large, incredibly detailed butterfly sets.

The Dinosaur Park is perfect for little ones who wish to learn more about these giant reptiles. Take your family on a journey to the past and walk amongst dinosaurs from three periods - the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous. The park contains over 100 animatronic dinosaurs, bringing these creatures back to life. Along with this, there is a Dinosaur museum, allowing children to have an educational and entertaining trip; proving that this is the best way to learn.

Looking for an even chillier night? Stop by at the Ice Park, a magical place carved out of 500 tonnes of ice. Soak up the beauty of animals and places sculpted in ice. Snap ice-cold shots of gorillas, falcons, giraffes, leopards and more at the Ice Park.

The Art Park is an ecologically-friendly marvel, where over 100,000 different types of recyclable glass, porcelain, and plastic have been used to create the artwork within. The Art Park creates a unique platform for Dubai Garden Glow to display their innovation and imagination, allowing guests to experience some stunning works of art, all while being environmentally conscious.

The newest addition, the Magic Park of Season Five, is filled with over 25 incredible illusions designed to confuse and delight guests of all ages. Bring your camera to click some shots that will leave your friends in disbelief, as you hang out in an upside-down coffee shop or scale the Burj Khalifa as a giant. The Magic Park is perfect for those looking to fool their friends and family, while still revelling in the power of an illusion.

When all is said and done, Dubai Garden Glow is the spot to enjoy a calm, family-friendly night out. With recycled luminous fabrics strung across the park, the entire area is lit with soft, warm light - perfect for those Instagram-worthy shots. The friendly staff will ensure that all your photos are perfect, and are more than happy to guide you through the various sections of Dubai Garden Glow. With over a million visitors expected to visit, make sure you book your tickets soon, and enjoy a well-lit night out!

- Over 500 glowing sets are placed across the park

- The Ice Park was carved out of 500 tonnes of ice

- The Art Park installations are all made of recycled materials

- The whole park is lit up with recycled luminous fabric

- The entire area is ecologically conscious, allowing you to enjoy a guilt-free night out

- Explore over 25 illusions at Magic Park of Season Five

- Bask in the glow of over 10 million LED lights in Glow Park

- Dubai Garden Glow expects over one million visitors

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