Dhanusha Gokulan

Dhanusha Gokulan

Loads of Prizes Await Shoppers

DUBAI - Unlimited discounts and bargains in shopping centres, the Chinese state circus, floating restaurants, fashion shows and raffle prizes worth over a million dirhams are just a few of the highlights of Dubai Shopping Festival 2009.

Stall Owners Rue Low Turnout

DUBAI - With only 41 more days to go for this season’s activities at Global Village to come to a close, the turnout has been significantly lower than the last few years, according to stall managers.

Families Uncertain About Spending

DUBAI - Despite the raffle draws, discounts, and the various attractions that are lined up for DSF 2009, families in the UAE are careful about their spending habits because of the current financial crisis.

Get those coins clinking

DUBAI - If you’re planning to head to the theatres to watch Baz Luhrmann’s epic Australia, break open your piggy bank and use all your loose change, and by doing so you may be playing your part to help the national economy.